First S1 Exige owner's opinion of driving the S2

Posted by Mark (BT52) on SELOC:

"I loved it. It’s really really good.
Dynamically better than the old Exige, though it’s fractions or fractions for me. Easier to use the car’s capabilities and friendlier to drive.

If they were the same money I’d take the new one no question."

Mark, want to add anything yourself?


Just in case anybody in the midlands wants to have a look at one,

Nick Whales just called, They got a black S2 Exige in yesterday!

Who would want a black one though!

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I wonder why he hasn’t posted here yet. After all, this is!

Who would want a black one though!

Watch it

I wonder why he hasn’t posted here yet. After all, this is!

Mark is blocked from at work, that’s why. It’s nothing personal I believe.


Just for you Andy… & Mike & Giles & anyone else with a black MK1


Looks great, but then so does any S2 Elise in Black.

You’re really not happy about this thing are you Merman?


Neither happy or unhappy about the situation IDG

Just seeing as I find

Just sensing your pain at a lost opportunity to make a much better car!


Guys, have you thought that none of our cars are new? I mean, any new car has that “new” feeling to it.
And our have seen hard driving as well.

Could be something to add to the “roughness” factor on the S1, don’t you think?

But the new Exige is bound to be a good car.
Now, would you change? Why?
Perhaps (if you have enough dough), you could have both.

Do you mean that the EVO comparison between a brand new car and a presumably well used Exige is an unfair one? - if so, then I totally agree with you.

Of course the new Exige is a good car - it’s a Lotus after all.

I certainly wouldn’t change on the evidence I’ve seen so far and definitely can’t afford both . From what I’ve read thus far it seems the new car may have a very slight edge in certain areas of performance, but not enough to justify circa �10k after a trade in.

I’ve probably rabbited on this subject a little too much. It’s just that I feel Lotus hasn’t repeated the drama and charisma of the original.

I remember the first time I saw an S1 in a local car park. I thought it was the best looking car I’ve ever seen and, nearly four years later I still do.

Now that’s what I call a classic.


My sentiments too. I just love the “hardcore” MK1 - in fact after having 3 Caterhams, I find it incredibly civilised (33K miles in 3 years, incl. 30 trackdays), whilst being fantastic on track.

It probably only looks good because it is black…

It probably only looks good because it is black…


Here we go again!

Gunmetal, gunmetal, gunmetal!


In my opinion the S1 is a far more mean looking beast than the S2. The difference between the looks and performance of the S1 elise to the S1 exige is by far greater than the comparison fo the S2 models. In fact I cant see why you would realy want to spend that kind of money on the S2 exige when you could buy the 111R elise for around 5K less, and correct me if i’m wrong but I believe it has the same engine and power. The main reason for me swapping my S1 elise for an exige was to not only to gain a better looking car but gain lots more power. If I was considering moving to an S2 I think I would go for the 111R and save lots of money, in fact with the money you save you could buy a hard top and wing and look just like the exige!!

And if I was only going to drive on the road I’d do exactly the same. But the better tyres, harder suspension and little bit of downforce (plus the option of the oil cooler, harness, etc pack), I think, do just about warrant the extra for a trackday tool. It’ll certainly do the corners better and isn’t that really the point of a Lotus?


You do have a point there, yes I suppose if you are looking for a track car then you would obviously go for the more modern technology, I am not saying that I don’t like the S2 because I have seriously considered trading the exige in against the 111R, I just personally think that the price tag seems a bit steep in comparison to the 111R.

I’ve had a good look around the new Exige at Nick Whale’s today, and I have to say I’m impressed. I think it actually looks considerably meaner than the Elise, but not quite as extreme as the old Exige. On the other hand, it does look a bit more of a ‘proper’ car. I’ve always thought the old car looks great, but with maybe a hint of kit car about the detailing. The new one certainly feels much better built. If I was buying a new car now, it would definately be the new one, but I’m still not convinced I want to spend a load of money to change mine now.
Obviously the way it drives is much more important than the styling, so I’m really looking forwards to getting a test drive.