Exiges wanted

Hi folks I’m on the lookout for Exiges of all types but mainly I am trying to fix a couple of customers up with Exige S and Exige S1 (mainly S2)

I do pay strong money for Exiges but no 55k S1s please :slight_smile:

Drop me a line if you are thinking of selling.

Not sure why you’ve put the last comment about S1 prices? Isn’t it in your interest to be positive about values, irrespective if they are at that level or not? Makes your other comment about paying strong money a contradiction in terms. Maybe you’ve spent too much time on Seloc? At the end of the day they are worth what they are worth but this constant need to hammer prices is beyond me, especially for a brand we all have a vested interest in. Makes no difference to me because I’m not selling but come on a little bit of positivity never did anyone any harm!

Naaah, need to give me more than that to part with mine.


It’s just about being sensible though. If you can stick your S1 on the market for 55k and get it well done I would be genuinely chuffed for you but that’s not my assessment of where the market is at the moment as can be seen from how many S1 Exiges have been for sale for 6 months and more. We have sold 4 S2 Exiges already this year as the pricing is more realistic. If you ask around all the dealers for a genuine buy in price mine will be the highest offer so it’s certainly not about “dissing” the S1. Let’s see some actual sales!

You weren’t being realistic, you were being negative about a car that was for sale elsewhere. Let’s be honest you’re generalising about what cars have been for sale. As someone has already mentioned in another thread one of them is halfway round the world and has mileage. The other one might not be up to it condition wise, who knows I haven’t seen it. Most of the sales have been done before cars have even hit the market, just probably like the other one being talked about for £45k. This car has 19k miles and I think as others it will sell pretty quickly. So if that’s worth 45k why isn’t one that has done say sub 13k miles not worth £50k plus? Let’s be honest you haven’t had much experience of selling S1 Exiges because they’re hasn’t been that many for sale.

I come back to the reason why I posted and that’s because I was disappointed that you were being negative about someone else’s sale price. Shall we start picking your prices to pieces? No because it’s wrong and doesn’t stand you in good light as a dealer, no matter how good your reputation is. So as you can see, yes I do think the £50k Exige is being realistic.

Please don’t turn this place into Seloc


Have you read the 340R pricing thread on SELOC…to much stress for me!

Too many pompous ego’s on Seloc…

The negativity that surrounds ‘our’ brand on all these forums bemuses me beyond belief. Apologies if I’m boring anyone and I’ll end it there.

Lol we’ve all seen SO much worse :laughing: Totally understand where you’re coming from but I very much doubt John meant anything by it.

That seloc thread is hilarious! Some people :crazy:

If you really really want a tasty S1/340R or any other very special car you’ll pay a premium.

I sometimes wonder what someone would need to offer me to prize the keys off me…a LOT more than £55k!

Maybe overthinking things a tad there :smiley:

When they start selling let’s see where the values are. As I say if you want to sell direct my offer will be the highest so that should stand me in decent stead reputaitonally where it matters. I have had to decline 2 offers of doing S1s on SOR last year as I felt it would be a waste of resources/space to have them sat there at 50-60k. Both cars remain with their owners. I am in touch with a small number of S1 owners who are keeping their cars for now but have had sensible discussions on price that are closer to my estimate. Easy to have the blinkers on as an owner its totally understandable but in what world is even discussing 40-45k not a positive thing? Who would have thought it 5 years ago!?

Also the 55k figure was pulled out of the air it wasn’t aimed at a specific car I’m not even aware which car this would be? It’s certainly not my style to have a dig at anyone personally as people who know me would agree. If it’s been interpreted in that way I can clarify that it certainly was not intentional. 55k was the MSC car that started the ball rolling about 12 months ago. I think it’s still there but 58k now.

Just caught up with this discussion SELOC is a funny place they pour scorn on our prices/cars BUT that is where things sell…guess wider audience …If mine was for sale I’d start on SELOC!!

I think you’ve said it all with the fact that owners aren’t prepared to let them go and if you want one what are your options? What would I be prepared to let mine go for, to be honest I don’t know but at sub 13k miles it would be £60k plus for someone to make me even slightly interested (but it isn’t for sale and won’t be) Yes, people go through tricky times financially and there will always be those random low priced vehicles where people need the cash quickly. The other thing of note is why would insurance companies accept these agreed values? Mine is at £75k and affected my premium by £50, they don’t agree values on here say do they!

The bottom line is try finding one if you want one.

Well I was lucky enough to recently find and buy one of these beauties!!!

TBH, towards the end of my long search I was in contact with quite a few serious and other potential sellers. There was a very broad-range of asking prices, with each having differing specs/condition/mileage/owners for me to consider.

With no two particular cars being the same, accurate valuations will always be difficult to agree/determine. It’s really not worth getting upset or offended by other people’s personal opinions. Just enjoy your ownership and get clocking up those miles (I know that’s what I intend to be doing, eventually!). :smiley:

Be interesting to know what you paid SCNomad. First sale I have heard of lately.

Maybe see you for a service some time we are just over in Wakefield.

Anyway if anyone is selling drop me a line as we are almost out of Lotus stock! Ariel Atom coming in next week if you fancy something different.

I could use a Snowmobile at the moment :angry:

Yeah it’s not really the weather right now is it? Wont be driving that one back!