Exiges wanted

PM Sent

Replied thanks :slight_smile:

Good to meet you the other day Reg. Nice easy deal done on the S2 Exige and hope you enjoy the V6 :slight_smile:

Anyone else looking to sell drop me a line.

Thanks Jon, glad you got it back safely, did it come off the trailer ramps ok

Yeah got a bit better angle back at base I think!

Hows the V6?

Feels and looks as if you’re sat in the S2 until you press the pedal…so much more torque, cant wait for some decent weather.

Bump… had a great year with Exiges this year and on the hunt for S1/S2 and V6 if you are selling do drop me a line.

Bump - Another vintage year for Exiges this year currently have a 240PP/Cup/RGB and a 350 on site but looking for any S1/2/3?

Welcome back🙄