Exiges now upgraded?

Good to see the forum is back :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. For some reason the Apache server froze. Restarted it and seems to be fine now.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Good to be back. Thanks

Glad its sorted! :slight_smile: Especially so close to Christmas.

Thanks David. Do you have any plans to upgrade the forum to bring it up to date? It is sad to see the place is in decline, perhaps due to the popularity of other forums eg TLF, and I as I’m sure many others would hate to see exiges.com quietly disappear or continue its steady decline in posts and active members.


Is there any feature or functionality in particular you would like to see ? My only points of reference are Scoobynet and the Evo Magazine forum which aren’t dissimilar to this site (although the evo site isn’t mobile friendly)

Uploading pictures directly from a PC rather than having to use a hosting site (I am an IT numpty btw)



Unless I’m the only one with the privileges to do that, there’s an upload function beneath the Submit button whenever you go to make a post - let me know if you don’t see a link to the image I’ve just uploaded:

There is, but the pixel limit for each pic is only 300x300. Can this limit be increased?

Try now

Test (any excuse to post a pic)

Looks like that’s sorted the issue then, cheers :slight_smile:

Great, I see that now :clap:

The main problem is maybe how to increase the activity on here. A million dollar question perhaps? The current lack of comments about this recent loss of the forum and in fact the last does seem to suggest a lack of interest (or awareness) of this place. It has been a great source of information over the years, and through the forum I have met some great people that have become great friends. I hope that can continue for everyone’s benefit.

Thanks again.

I like this forum a lot. Compared to other sites, especially some German ones, the people here are very friendly, polite and helpful. Besides meeting other owners of the Exige S1 this is the main reason I’m urunning my ‘project thread’ on this site.
So thanks to all who are involved to run this forum :thumbup:

Allow to upload bigger pictures is very useful improvement. Besides making it easy for the poster it helps to keep the post readable when they get older. Many older post are now useless since all pictures are lost because they were hosted on some exotic site or the user removed the account and all the pictures (last big hit was the photobucket suicide).

But I agree with Tim that the traffic on this site is really low. It may be related to the fact that most of the Exige owners are rather long time owners.
New owners like me, ScNomad/Kevin or others tend to be more active and excited about their car. But there are only a few cars actually changing hands so difficult to change this. Giving new members a warm welcome and make it easy to become a member on here are my only ideas. Does it still take a couple of weeks until a new account has been confirmed?

Bye, Klaus

I’m doing a few tweaks on the site today, to make it more Google/Search Engine friendly, as Exiges.com simply doesn’t show up if you look for “lotus exige” which isn’t how it should be.

If you have any problems, let me know

That’s fantastic news on the photo upload. Been a real pain since photobucket kicked us all out.

OK so I’ve made the necessary tweaks.

For the geeks amongst you (you know who you are…):

  1. The site no longer does a redirect from the homepage www.exiges.com to www.exiges.com/bb/index.php this makes Google happy, it’s not a fan of redirects, particularly on homepages
  2. There is now no longer a /bb subdirectory. Google is happier the nearer the content is to the root url
  3. There are now meta description / page title that better reflect the site’s/page contents - This also makes Google happy

I’m trying to get the site to do some URL rewriting so that Exiges.com - Exiges.com - Lotus exige club appears like http://www.exiges.com/1/car-of-the-month-20446 but for some reason SEOBB is having none of it and i’m running out of time today.

If you’re seeing graphical/CSS type glitches and pages aren’t loading correctly clear your browser cache

Hey Dave. Can we embed the likes of YouTube or Vimeo?

How’s the garage, any new additions…

Well said Klaus :clap:

Just practicing