Exiges.com trackday at Donington Park

Following the success of the Croft trackday, it’s about time we started to arrange the next trackday.

Donington is an ideal circuit. Not only is it slap-bang in the middle of the country, the sweeping bends and wide-open track make it a perfect place for an Exige.

The dates I’ve been given by Bookatrack are as follows:

Tue 9th August (very loud) �250
Sat 15th October (98dB) ~�200
Wed 19th October (98dB) ~�185
Wed 26th October (98db) ~�185

The 98dB days are cheaper (tbc), with the very noisy day being �250 (open pit lane).

Sorry, will be at Donny with Tracksport on Friday 21st October.

Not sure if my car will get through 98db, so would need the loud day and prefer open pit lane to sessions.

Donno is 98db drive by and I have no problems there with Jenveys and an elise parts system on. They don’t do static noise tests at Donnington.

The Sat 15/Oct is the only one I can make as it’s a weekend (starting a new job, can’t skip days )

The loud one for me.

Had the Stage 2 put on yesterday. Sounds very nice indeed.

I would be up for it but the stage 2 might mean a non start for 98db days
anyone know how bad a stage 2 is on drive by?

standard exiges were only just under the 98dB drive by. as soon as you take the cat out you’re already borderline.


voted 26 oct but to be honest i’d consider any of the Oct dates.

I’m with Rox, I would make time for any of those days…

I would need a noisy day if posssible David.


Yes please …15th OK by me ,Cant wait…
Early confirmation of date to keep social calander clear from 'er indoors…


Just a word of caution, I did a trackday recently at Donny, and they have tightened up considerably on noise limits. I got pulled twice by the marshalls for being too noisy - even though I was backing off down the main straight.

According to the marshall that I spoke to, they have also installed two further drive by noise meters (he wouldn’t tell me where!)

I think the noisy day would be a safe bet for all!

See you all soon


Just a word of caution,

Did a most enjoyable afternoon at Donny today. Many thanks to RobS for the invite to join Stratstone (Milton Keynes) for a splendid lunch, & a drive of their/Lotus’s cars with some great instructors from the factory It was actually an RMA trackday, so I “did a deal” with the organiser & took my own car out for an hour or so (also enjoyed seeing RussT giving me mota some stick too ). Whilst I had absolutely no problems with noise (Edwards Boyz silencer & silenced de-cat), the factory car with the Stage 2 & Pipercross induction was having all sorts of trouble with the noise police!!! Also, I drove that car for 10 or so laps & didn’t like the sound inside the cabin at all, sorry - not a patch on Jaycee’s Blue Flame jobbie IMHO. I appreciate that such things are personal/subjective, so it makes sense to try as many options as possible!

However, with noise levels now really becoming an “issue” at trackdays, I would urge caution before spending dosh on a system which may fall foul of the powers that be

Once again RobS, many thanks for an excellent day out - best of luck with the new dealership when it opens in a month or so

OK - i’ve opted to add both the 9th August and the 15th October dates to our calender.

August can be booked now, October date will go on there in a few days.


I should read threads more carefully.

I saw the Donnington Day for the 9th August on the Bookatrack site(which is advertised as having no noise limits) and booked it today.

Hope some of you are going to go as well to give me some support against all those pesky Radicals and Caterhams

Hope some of you are going to go as well to give me some support against all those pesky Radicals and Caterhams

Those Radicals & Caterhams are nowt to do with me, mate

Looking at the bookings, I notice that the “Marlows”, who own Ultima, will be there in one (or more?) of their cars - no doubt the 600bhp monster which holds the world record for 0-100-0mph Probably worth just going to see that in action

Ahh. That car was at Bruntingthorpe with me on Sunday.

He wasnt starting accelarating until 1/4 the way down the straight and had to brake before the timing beacons and still clocked 192.


Anyone else booked for Donnington on the 9th August?

There is a silver S1 Exige from Liverpool booked in. Anyone from here?

Also a few S1 Elises going as well (one with a Duratec)

No one?

I thought all you S1 owners were a bunch of hardcore track slags?

Oh well looks like just me flying the Exiges.com flag then.