Exige - Sold.. Gone !

Yep, the TT260 Exige has been sold, paid for, and gone…



Deposit going on Exige S2 maybe?


I can now say this without appearing to be sour grapes, but from what I’ve heard, the S2 Exige sounds like a pile of crap… and certainly won’t appeal to those that the original appealed to (in my opinion)…

No… my new car, is a 6ltr V12… I have it already, very nice it is too !

Come on then david, Lets have some pic’s of your new toy


Hmm … V12… 6.0 litre?..That will be a Jag XJS then together with free gold medallion!! (tongue in cheek)


This perhaps?

Rude not to really!

Although that is 6.2l, but who’s counting?!


Clue: it was over �100K new… (though I didn’t pay that blinking much that’s for sure !!)

Not a Lamborghini

Viper? GTS-R

Nope, tis RHD

Aston ???

Nope, tis RHD

Plus you said it is V12 not V10


Just cos ya ma works there!

Plus you said it is V12 not V10

The GTS-R is a V12 isn’t it ? But no… not a viper… or an Aston (is there such thing as a real Aston Martin these days ?)

One of these then?

One of [color:“red”] [/color] these

That’s what I think it has to be Pesky.

The only other 6l 12Vs I can think of are the Enzo or McLaren F1!!!


ps. Viper is a V10

Although thinking about it the Enzo is LHD, the F1 MHD(?!) and both sound a little over �100k!

How we doing David?? This is a good game!

Oo Oo 456??! Nearly 6 litres

And didn’t Merc cram 6 litre(ish) V12 lumps in to the S and CL - although I wouldn’t have thought they sound particularly up Mr Admin’s street

Okay that’s me done, I give up. I’ll calm down now.


ps. Hmm? Did TVR ever make that V12 leviathan???!!!?

BTW, what’s the prize?