Exige S2 with added supercharger


And I am having a moan at £6 postage :smiley:

Nice to see one of my radio blanking plates being used :kissing_heart:

I didnt twig this was one of yours @Elise_Mark! I was gifted it from @Fonzey !

Thats a good looking blanking plate :+1:


Yeah I remember Kyle buying a couple off me many moons ago.

I only made four as a test to be used on my old Elise. Might look good with an exiges.com sticker on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Good shout on removing the radio, mine haven’t been used in ten years of Elise and Exige ownership and it’s a simple job to stick it in again if you want to go back to standard.

…and never once fitted one!

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Few more bits removed

2 rear speakers
Seat base on drivers side swapped with passenger side - no movement now in drivers side and fractionally lower

It’s amazing how much weight is tucked away.
Those rear speakers aren’t the stock Alpine units and it looks like some form of sound insulation stuck to the back.

You getting the perspex rear window, worth doing while your stripped out?

Yeah, some dyno mat stuff on the back and the front. Stickiest stuff known to man.

I don’t think I’ll go with the window as it’s quite expensive for minimal gain. Plus I am into free speed at the minute!

I think we have a couple of plastic rear windows kicking about… will report when I’ve found them

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Great idea with the blanking plate, very tempted to get one myself.

Got any more Kyle? :joy:

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Watch out, Andy is tight!!!


In todays episode of I did a thing I changed the door open/close detector.

Simple case of undo a screw swap over the connector and voila. Bobs your uncle, right?

Parts arrived

Undo the existing switch and the spade are missing. Balls.

They are in this void , or easier by going in from the back

Undo the speaker cover and fish out the cables

Some tape, a long screwdriver to push a piece of wire through and reverse fish the wires back out the small hole

New one fitted and done

Absolutely shredded my left hand doing this on the sharpest plastics known to man as developed by Lotus

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Er, was the whole problem because the connectors had come off, and you didn’t need the new switch, or, the connectors fell off on removal?

I assume the connectors were already off tbh!

Have you got anymore of the blank plates?

I do not. Bought one to put on my Exige, never did. Now Andy has it :+1: