Exige S2 NA - 2005

Hi guys,

My name is Alex and I live in Norway.

I’m new in here and thought I should introduce myself and make a thread about my car.

First thing first - Sorry for my poor English. I think it is better than our rally driver Petter Solberg in his glory days when he drove for Subaru, but this is a forum so it is up to you guys to judge, hehe.

The plan was always to buy an Exige, but eventually I thought I would start with an Elise.

The goal was to buy an Elise with a K series engine and then swap to a Honda K20.

No matter how much I watched an Elise, I felt more and more determined that Exige was the way to go.

The plan was to buy a car in 2022, but when I came across this Exige I ended up with this one.

I bought in June 2021 a 2005 Exige NA (Stock, nothing as been done with it) that had only driven 12,488 km / 7,760 Miles.

The car started its life in Germany from 2005 to 2007 when it was imported to Norway, Bergen.

In 2018 it was bought by the owner who I bought from.

All of the documentation on what has been done with the car is available and I even got the tires that the car was delivered with from the factory.

I will modify the car when I drive on the track, but this year I will most likely get to know the car.

More to come!

Upgrade list:

  • Powerflex yellow engine mount
  • Triple pass radiator
  • Spal fans upgrade
  • Tow hook in gold
  • Smaller rear-view mirror
  • 2Bular 7x22 backbox


Lovely car, thats very, very low milage.
Have you replaced the tyres, as the originals will be out of date now.

Keep us updated with any modifications.


It should have been more specific. The car has new tires (April 2021), but he gave me the old tires for “collect value”.

That looks great, time to enjoy it!


Hello and welcome.

Your English is brilliant so please do not worry.

The exige must be a rare car in Norway. Any idea how many are about in Norway?


Thank you!

There are 377 registered Lotus in Norway and 23 are Exiges.

Thats more than I thought to be honest! Still rare though!

Welcome - looks a great car. Really nice that you just want to enjoy for a bit before changing!

Keep everyone updated :thumbup:

Great introduction and some lovely pics. Please keep in touch👍

If you hadn’t said you weren’t English I would have struggled to tell the difference - not that it matters at all but just letting you know I wish my French was as good as your English! :clap:

And welcome. :thumbup:

NA ROCKS :sunglasses:


Fixed that for you🤣

Just for balance, mine’s running like a charm :slight_smile: So far… :wink:

:laughing: I’ve had worse happen Dave.

Lovelly introduction and stunning car, maybe one day i would like to visit you beautiful country :+1:


It’s been really quiet from me and nothing much has happened other the that I have enjoyed the car.

Some minor updates has been done.

  • Powerflex yellow Engine mount
  • Triple pass radiator
  • Spal fan upgrade
  • Tow hook in gold
  • Smaller rear-view mirror

And I will have all the updates listed on the first post.

I will pose some pictures soon!

This is one of the last pictures of this season. Me and a buddy of mine with is Elise 111S - K20

Looking very nice indeed! Which rear-view mirror did you go with? I’ve often meant to sort mine out…

I went for a similar mirror like the one they sell at Elise-shop.

It’s more practical because you will have more visibility and less weight :+1:t2:

The next mod on the car will be to upgrade the exhaust and induction.

I am think to go for a full 2bular exhaust, 4-2-1 manifold and HJS cat with a 8” diameter thru-diffuser with oval tip. For the induction am thinking ITG carbon intake. Any suggestions or experience this same setup?

I am also going to go for a custom panel eliminator kit.