Exige S2 Exhaust help

I need some help identifying my exhaust or finding a suitable replacement. at some point its been opened up and welded back but theres a terrible baffle/rattling noise at low rpm that ive isolated to the back box.

Car is the 2007 S2 Exile Cup 255.

When looking at replacements, most seem to be a single tail pipe however mine has two. the diffuser is also specifically shaped for the two pipes.

The twin pipe thing was the initial style for the NA cars, then single pipe for the supercharged cars.

From a quick google I found this site : Lotus Exige - Cup 255 (lotuscars.se)

It details :

`Level Two’ stainless steel sports exhaust with de-cat pipe* as an option

From further reading I believe ‘Level Two’ and Stage 2 are interoperable - that is to say the NA and Cup cars share exactly the same exhaust

You can fit a single pipe exhaust out of a twin exhaust diffuser with the aid of a persuasion device.

FWIW, I think you probably have a Lotus Stage 1 exhaust on that :thinking: It was different from the ‘standard’ exhaust (which sounded like a sewing machine) and gave a nice noise. The Stage 2 was the single, oval exhaust that required the diffuser to be cut a little to accept it.

I think there are stage 2 twin pipes @matt447 available :

Thats a ‘stage 2’ : Genuine Lotus Exige S2 Stage 2 Exhaust - Parts for sale - Midlands Lotus Owners Club (MLOC)

I think this is what confused me, when I tried to find the same one, it only appeared on the NA cars, despite the picture from the brochure showing what you have posted.

That looks different. in That the ends of the pipe are rolled. mine are straight cut. not sure if that makes much of a difference. I’ll have to pop the diffuser off for some better pics tonight.

Is the seller on this forum or do I need to sign up to midland to message.

Back in 2004 I bought a new 111R. It had the ‘sewing machine’ standard exhaust (narrow, twin pipes, straight cut). I got a stage 1fitted. It was still 2 pipes, wider bore, slash-cut. Then I got a stage 2, and that (at the time) was a single oval, MUCH louder. I didn’t know there was a twin-pipe stage 2 - very interesting! :+1:

All the Lotus ones have a part number on them - LOTAC-something-or-other :slight_smile:

knowing my luck, the patch that was cut out and replaced on the box will be the bit that had the part number on. Fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Pretty sure this is a wider bore slash cut. none rolled end.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 13.50.15

FWIW, I had a quick look on SJSportsCars site - and…
LOTAC05334 is Stage 1,
LOTAC05391 is Stage 2 with dual tips,
LOTAC05450 is Stage 3 with oval tip (that looks very much like the ‘stage 2’ I had on my NA)

(Genuine and own brand , Lotus spare parts and accessories for Lotus)

Cheers for that. I mean theres nothing to say previous owner hasn’t stuck an after market on.

Find out a bit more details later.

There’s this one kicking about in my garage which you can have for nowt.
I’m Elise Cup250 now, so it’s of no use to me

thats very kind of you @sjw. I’ve not had time to have a look hopefully get an hour tonight and provide you some feedback.

Ok right I’ve popped the diffuser off…

Pics attached. I especially like the ‘track use only bit’

Photo of the tips

Googled the part number found it on B&C parts

Part Number: LOTAC05334

Any ideas of a replacement? Would the one @sjw offered suit. The tips look longer on mine.

Answered my own question

@sjw if the offer is still there. Drop me a pm :+1:t2:

Sorry. Proper machingunning this thread. Picture of the diffuser which looks like it could prob take anything

That will take the single , or dual pipe one !

Looks like the stage 1 exhaust :

After sourcing a replacement from @sjw (thanks Steve) I cut open the old back box to see what rattle was. A baffle at one side had come off. And what remains of my cat is also in there.

No wadding which surprised me.

Thanks Andy. I’m surprised it’s a stage 1. Any ideas why it would say ‘track use only’ on the back box.