Exige S - Sports Exhaust NOW AVAILABLE!

Straight from the horses mouth (so to speak) Ive just spoken to Lotus aftersales who inform me they have 52 of the new sports exhausts for the Exige S in stock. (they came into the factory yesterday) retailing at �415.96 inc VAT… visit your retailer now if you want to order one.

yes,had phone call today to say its at the dealers! fitting next weds

Getting mine fitted next Friday .

Merritts of Amersham are expecting stock tomorrow. Form an orderly queue please.

After fitting all please report why this exhaust is so special…


june 5th is my fitting date

Booked in for 30th May

A picture and report on the sound would be REALLY great!!!

I believe the picture is already up on B&C’s website. The muffler canister is slightly smaller than the OE Exige S muffler and the tip is exactly the same. In short, they both look identical once fitted with the grille in place. You can’t tell the difference, unless it’s got a slight dB increase.

Are you saying that theres no difference in sound with this exhaust? Not much point getting one otherwise?!?!

they look identical, they don’t sound identical. Funny that…

Im glad to hear it sounds different. The one thing Ive always hated about my car is the lack of soundtrack. The supercharger sounds ok, but Id like a bit more!

Just picked my car up from Merritts. I can assure everyone that the new box is noticeably noisier - nice burble at tickover and a purposeful rumble when rolling along in traffic. Quite loud when revved - the cam effect can now be heard clearly and it makes the whole S experience even better.

Due to heavy rain & traffic, I wasn’t able to give it more than 6K rpm, so I have high hopes for a nice top end wail when conditions permit. Nice rumble, pop & growl on the overrun It’s quite subdued (marginally louder than standard) when cruising at 60 mph in top on a neutral throttle - so should be OK for the motorway bits. All in all, it’s quite similar to my S1 Exige fitted with a stage 2 Janspeed box. The tailpipe looks just like the standard unit.

This is the first time that pedestrians have turned around because they’ve heard me coming from some way back.

Personally I’m pretty chuffed with the result.

Hope this helps others to make a decision.

Excellent! Mine has just landed at the dealers today. Expecting to fit it myself this weekend, cant wait.

doesnt sound nearly loud enough for me (from your description… wont get mine back till 7th june). I had a stage 2 on my standard exige plus induction kit (equals big bang on cam change over) and that wasn’t loud enough.

screwdriver hole into the back box me thinks

I took my car out again this evening and used 8K rpm gear changes for the first time with the new exhaust fitted - sounded bloody good to me - couldn’t stop grinning.

Also very easy to live with at 80 mph cruising and instantly noisy when any throttle is applied. Believe me, other motorists will hear you coming (or should that be ‘hear you leaving’ as you pass?)

A few buzzes and rattles that will probably mean another dealer visit to tweek the mounting as I think the tail pipe is buzzing on the diffuser.

Overall a good sound balance IMHO

So, given this is the “Exige-S’s Stage 2” exhaust, the big question is, how does it compare to normal Stage 2?

From the sound of it, it’s a great balanced exhaust, but that wasn’t quite what the Stage 2 was about - or at least to me?

Doesnt look that great to me for the cost

I’m not too bothered by what it looks like.

Had mine fitted today and it sounds good, especially when shifting and at higher revs.

[image]> http://www.bellandcolvill.co.uk/LotusShop/BCV/LOTAC05450.jpg> [/image]
Doesnt look that great to me for the cost

The tail pipe is the only thing yur gonna see! and you dont normally buy an exhaust for what it looks like. The sound is the most important thing.