Exige S GT


218bhp / 935kg… zzzzz

�43000 for one with 240bhp and aircon… (you could buy a real car for that)

did I read it right…you buy the Exige GT but if you want the GT pack then you habe to pay more money

That does really seem like loads of dosh. Don’t get me wrong I love the S2, but �43,000 would get you a “Cayman S” and as an every day car I know which one I would rather have!!!

its better spec and 3k cheaper than a cup car.

Yer i think it is quite a good deal! I mean you are getting what the cup has and are saving money! I would like to see it in yellow though, don’t like black cars, esspecialy with orange stripes!

A car slightly cheaper than a stupidly expensive version doesn’t make it good value!

A car slightly cheaper than a stupidly expensive version doesn’t make it good value!

Ha ha, I know where you are coming from, but I mean what do you expect from Lotus Yes you could have a Cayman S but i mean if you are the sort of person who is looking at the exige then the cayman isn’t really in the same bracket.

Exactly! The Cayman does absolutely nothing for me. I can’t honestly see what it has to offer over an Exige unless refinement is more of a priority than fun.

I think the Exige S2 can easily justify such prices as it’s a far more complete car than the S1 and there’s nothing else out there that comes close at that kind of price.

I think the Exige S2 can easily justify such prices as it’s a far more complete car than the S1.

Herracy, burn the witch!!!


True, but the amount of engineering and content in a Cayman makes the Exige look silly for the money… I mean, the aluminium tub has been around since 1995, so it’s not like they’ve had to invest heavily in that, the engine is bought off the shelf and has a blower strapped to it, again no major feat (heck, one man bands have been doing it to Hondas/Audis…)… so I don’t see the justification for the price.

The missus had a Boxster and was one of the best handling cars I’ve driven.

My 2p…

Exige GT = engineered to go faster

Cayman S = engineered to be slower than a 911

Plus, the ali tub is still cutting edge compared to most chassis efforts, especially those with steel monocoques & bloody Mcpherson struts

Give me the Exige* anyday



  • or its convertible brother

please dont quote 43k for a Cayman

its 50k with just the bits you need and still not PASM etc just basics.

if it were 43k i would be tempted but the options list is massive.

the GT3 Lotus at 43k is with every option and would would eat Caymans all day long.

OK, compare it to a Boxster S !

I know what your saying but the cars dont do the same thing.
How many Boxster S do you see on track V Lotus

You could say look at the new Audi TT for 33k so why is the Boxster S so expensive for what it is ?
And the inside of the new TT is better than a Boxster thats for sure imo.

I did spec up a boxster S 3.4 and it came to about 47k Still no PASM etc though.

I do like the new 3.4S and now thats out there is no point in buying a Cayman. But the S price did go up to about 40k with no spec.

I think one of the best value cars atm is the Z4 Coupe Sport which i tested the other week, needs no options and is 36k speced up.

but i still brought an Exige

the reason i did was running costs btw.

35 MPG down to brands at the weekend :slight_smile:

6 track days+ on 1 set of tyres
brakes last about the same if not more
cheaper to insure
tyres 1/2 the price

total runnings cost are way way cheaper with a Lotus.

I understand that one is comparing apples with oranges in terms of application, but in terms of engineering and value for money (not fun for money), the Lotus is severely lacking.

Grunt for money, you can’t go far wrong with a Monaro VXR500 at �35K (�25K if you get a used VXR and mod it)

I agree for what you seem to get the Lotus is over priced by a good few ���

you only have to look at a basic exige S for 34k v the new BMW 335i Coupe twin turbo for 33k, hows that work ?

but thats why they can make less cars because the proffit is greater.

I think Lotus are having hassle though as the market is only so big and the people who have them already are keeping them, the new market must be very small.

Lucky the USA keeps them going they seem mad for it.

Yeah when I mentioned the Caymen, I was thinking of a car predomently used every day on the road, with the odd track day thrown in. I agree if you are looking for a 2nd car to use on track and Sunday afternoons etc etc, then yes the Exige is superior as it is a better, lighter more focused track car.

Thing is if I wanted one of those and it had to be an S2 I would simply spend 25k on a two year old low milage one and convert it to Jamies spec for what about another 10k and keep 10k in the bank and have a far better more complete package than the GT anyway.

What do you think?

funny you should say that

I picked up a 2 year old performance pack car for 23k and have 10k to spend on it :slight_smile:

Yeah when I mentioned the Caymen, I was thinking of a car predomently…

…of a car with a roof.

Boxster is to Cayman as Elise is to Exige.