Exige MK2 Official Release

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Lotus S2 Exige Official Press Release

Lotus Exige Pricing for the UK
Lotus Cars Ltd has announced the pricing for the new Lotus Exige. The 192PS 190-hp, 6-speed Exige will go on sale in March 2004 with a very competitive manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of �29,995 including VAT.

Touring Pack:

  • Electric windows
  • Full carpet set with a lightweight aluminium passenger footrest
  • Blaupunkt Woodstock (DAB and MP3 player)
  • Full Alcantara trim
  • Sun visors
  • Stowage net

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP) = �1,795 (inc. VAT)

Performance Pack:

  • Alcantara/Carbon effect sports seats with Exige logo
  • 4 point harness (dealer fit for track use only)
  • Cross bar
  • Acrylic capped door panels
  • Carbon effect door inserts
  • Twin oil coolers

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP) = �1,765 inc. VAT

Forged wheels
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP) = �1,175 inc. VAT

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRSP) = MSRP of �1295 inc. VAT

The Exige range comes in a number of colours:

Standard Solid Colours:

  • Ardent Red
  • Old English White
  • Saffron Yellow

Optional Metallic Colours at �595 including VAT

  • Starlight Black
  • Magnetic Blue
  • Nightfall Blue
  • Glacier Blue
  • Storm Titanium
  • Arctic Silver
  • Racing Green
  • Aubergine Purple
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Chrome Orange (top colour! )
  • Graphite Grey
  • Krypton Green

    [color:“red”]Technical Spec [/color]


    Lotus Exige Technical Specifications March 2004

Vehicle Description Technical Specifications
Engine Mid-mounted, transverse, 1796 cm3, 2ZZ-GE engine, Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) & aluminium lightweight and compact construction, 4 cylinders in line, water cooled, naturally aspirated with double overhead camshafts exploiting a Variable Valve Timing & Lift with intelligence (VVTL-i) system, hydraulic tappets, 4 valves per cylinder, multi-point sequential fuel injection and electronic ignition.
Engine management Lotus T4 engine control unit
Max Power 141 kW ( 189 hp, 192 PS ) @ 7800 min-1
Max Torque 181 Nm ( 133 lbft, 18.5 kgm ) @ 6800 min-1
Power to weight ratio 161 kW/t ( 216 hp/t, 219 PS/t )
Specific power output 78.5 kW/ℓ ( 105 hp/ℓ, 107 PS/ℓ )
Emissions control Three-way catalytic converter. Euro IV emissions compliant with full On-Board Diagnostics (OBD).
Transmission C64 Gearbox, aluminium lightweight construction, 6-speed, close ratio, constant mesh helical gears and open differential.
Suspension Fully independent sport suspension utilising unequal length wishbones, Bilstein mono-tube gas damper, Eibach coaxial coil spring at each corner and front anti-roll bar.
Chassis Lotus designed lightweight structure of epoxy bondedaluminium alloy extrusions with integral steel seat-belt support structureand lightweight steel rear subframe.
Steering Solidly mounted mechanical rack and pinion steering box with 2.8 turns lock-to-lock.
Brakes Servo-assisted, track tuned 4-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS) with Lotus/AP-Racing twin-piston fixed aluminium alloy front brake calipers, Brembo single-piston sliding rear calipers and 282 mm diameter, 26 mm thick front and rear cast-iron ventilated & cross-drilled discs.
Gear ratios First 3.116 :1
Second 2.050 :1
Third 1.481 :1
Fourth 1.166 :1
Fifth 0.916 :1
Sixth 0.815 :1
Reverse 3.250 :1
Final drive 4.529 :1
Performance Figures
0-60 mile/h 4.9 s
0-100 km/h 5.2 s
0-100 mile/h ( ≈ 0-160 km/h ) 13.2 s
Maximum speed 237 km/h ( 147 mph)
Fuel consumption - urban 12.1 ℓ/100 km ( 23.3 mile/gal (UK) )
Fuel consumption - extraurban 6.8 ℓ/100 km ( 41.5 mile/gal (UK) )
Fuel consumption - combined 8.8 ℓ/100 km ( 32.1 mile/gal (UK) )
C02 emissions 208 g/km
Weight distribution 38% Front - 62% Rear
Fuel tank capacity 40 ℓ ( 8.8 gal (UK) )
Luggage capacity 112 ℓ - 50 kg
Wheelbase 2300 mm
Track - front 1457 mm
Track - rear 1507 mm
Overall length 3797 mm
Overall width (door mirrors excluded) 1727 mm
Overall width (door mirrors included) 1850 mm
Overall height - midladen (as per unladen with 2x 75 kg occupants) 1159 mm
Overhang - front 805 mm
Overhang - rear 692 mm
Ground cleareance - midladen (as per unladen with 2x 75 kg occupants) 130 mm
Vehicle mass - unladen (running order, full tank of fuel, no occupants, no luggage) 875 kg (no options) - 916 kg (full options)



The orange colour is an improvement over the black car that appeared in Evo and Autocar last year.

I still think it doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but then as an owner of one I’m biased.

The most interesting bit of all this is how it will affect our residuals.

I think they could even improve - which one would you rather own.

Admittedly, an original with a Toyota power pack would be the killer ap.

I wont say what Trudy said when she saw this

I wont say what Trudy said when she saw this

Let me guess… “I want another baby!”

Have to admit that with each new picture Exige2 improves in appearance but have always had a soft spot for Chrome Orange Reckon its pretty competitively priced and hope it sells well, good luck to Lotus Mind I’d hold fire and wait to see if the Motorsports version materialises in the summer as rumoured

well… i love chrome orange but its an S2 coupe…

Has anyone compared the spec above with the 111R spec? Pesky ? IDG ?

What are the differences?

  • What she said was “Thats [censored] ugly !!! YUK”

More Lotus marketing blurb Here

So that’s the future, the way forward: heavier cars suited for the average poser.

Still, I’m sure something good may come out of this. A motorsports version would be a good thing, like it should have been in the first time.
Supercharging or a higher tuned one woud be also good.
Also a lightweight version.

But that means more money. To get something as serious as we have now would mean spending at least �40K.

Bring in the rich posers! I’ll pass them on the track with my humble 187BHP!

let’s face it chaps, this is not worth being called Exige…it’s just a Elise Coupe, as simple as that and a very pricey one on the top of that…

Hmmm… tough one… The original Exige came in for a lot of stick… being called an Elise with a body kit…

This new car seems even less of a step apart from the Elise… The rear spoiler is too narrow (original Exige was full-width)

OK, so the front wing vents on the original Exige were fake… but they did look SO cool… and the front/rear wings bulged-out to give it a beefy look.

The new Exige doesn’t seems so beefed-out, the lines are smoother, less muscular.

All of the black bits look “tacked on” and cheap… I’d like to see how nice the car looks with colour-coded front-lip and rear intakes and rear spoiler.

I couldn’t make out from the info. whether it has the natty Racing Dynamics suspension that the S2 Elise Sport 190 has/had… with it’s separate reservoirs etc.

Where has the extra 80-90Kg come from ?

Lets hope the new engine can compensate.

Where has the extra 80-90Kg come from ?

-sound deadening,
-ABS + airbag + ?



Mr Admin means the MK2’s extra 80-90kg over the MK1’s weight.

I suppose the ICE will account for a couple of kgs, & perhaps the gearbox ia also heavier?


Thought my answer was a bit too obvious.

However extra weight comes in a similar way to the fact a S2 Elise weighs a lot more than a S1.

Where has the extra 80-90Kg come from ?

lekkay windaes

Why does the zorst poke out thru’ the rear diffuser instead of above it? - it surely spoils the airflow and also looks like it could get cloncked by speed bumps etc… i’d have thought they could have poked it out above diffuser and below number plate… ala S1 if he routing couldn’t be done as per S2…

quite fun this playing a car designer when you don’t have a scoobie what yer on about…

ohh and why do i have to pay extra for an oil cooler ?? is this a performance car or not ? does it need an oil cooler or not?.. this should be standard fit for an exige…


Yeah and why do they look like pea shooters

TWIN oil coolers mind you … what is that saying ? There already is one and this adds a second or what

Its not far enough to consider 10 grand is it …

Has anyone compared the spec above with the 111R spec? Pesky ? IDG ?

LOL! I was going to ask you that!

Mine weights in at 780kgs with A/c and half a tank. By the time they’ve bolted oil coolers, a/c, etc on to the S2 it’s gonna be WELL over 100kgs extra!

I must say though it looks A WHOLE LOT better than in black, well screwed together too (anybody’s rear hatch fit like that?!). The zost and rear spoiler look very wimpy though.

So it’s faster in a straight line than the S1, because the drag is less, then has to brake earlier because of the extra weigh and then can’t go around the bends as fast because of increased inertia and less aero (half as much by my maths). So basically that makes it like a normal car . I wonder if it really is as quick as the S1, like they say? Doesn’t look it on paper(/HTML).


I don’t see the mud guards listed on the spec! D’you think they owe us for the design there??!