Exgie S1 brought back to life

Lotus owner again so after selling my exige S1 14 years ago to a friend I bought it back in boxes after only doing fifty miles in it and he decided to strip it completely and build it into a full blow track car.
He got bored and and it sat in his garage till 10 weeks ago when he offered me it back at a steel.

Whoah! That is a very fortunate place to be in!

Few more pics decided to refresh the motor suspension and brakes.

Over the last 10 weeks the car has had a complete refresh and a full repaint in chrome orange decided silver was not for me it’s been hard work finding a lot of the missing parts. But
it will be worth it.

Yeah a build thread! :thumbup: :clap:

Great to hear your back to a S1 and in such an engaging way. Love a project please keep sharing the updates.

Little update and a few pics of the progress over the last week. Polyester primer then blocked.
Two coats of primer and guide coat re-sanded.Then a coat of white to avoid any dark spots ready for the orange and the gold pearl. And then clear coat .

Few more pics from today.

Sorry if cheeky question but considering a respray and colour change , have had two quotes from Lotus specialists one £6k +vat second £10k +vat plus stickers both startled me a bit being honest but likely I’m out of touch. Without wanting to ask for any personal info Is that the sort of ball park you were in?

Oh and forgot Chrome Orange is looking :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Love the ‘time lapse’ photo sequence :thumbup:

Also, why do the best paint shops always look like a sh*thole? :sunglasses:

oh I’m so loving this thread, keep the pictures coming. :thumbup:

The re-paint was done by north gate autobody in morecambe the guy is a perfectionist depending on colour from 3500- 4000 plus vat. The chrome orange is a 3 stage pearl so alot of work

Thats a really good price for paint from what I understand.

Fantastic! You have made my day. Thanks for joining us here on exiges.com. So glad that you followed us on to here after we made a connection (via Facebook or was it Instagram? My memory is shite). Let’s hope you are up and running soon and can join the northern S1 gang. And there are a surprising number of us up here.

Looking forward to meeting you all should be up and running in the next week or two

Interesting thread I will follow with interest as my Exige is receiving a full Chrome Orange paint job too. :thumbup:

It’s quite a lot of work applying the three layers of paint. And you start with grey or white base coat before applying the orange paint. So effectively four layers of paint need to be applied (white/grey, orange, gold metallic and clear coat). The paint alone is more than 1000 €. So your price quotes seem not to be too unrealistic. You can save some money by dismantling the whole car like I did but it is still expensive if you want a proper job. And there are always some small glass fibre repairs to do before the paint job,

Finding the right Chrome Orange paint was also difficult. My paint shop tried some different water based paints until we finally settled for a solvent based paint that matched the original colour the best.


Thanks for feedback re respray costs guys. A bit of a void between £3-4K and £10k I had been quoted.

Look forward continuing to watch the build

Few more pics exige now back home so hopefully get it back together this week

Looks really good!

Interesting picture showing the S1 without the rear spoiler. The car looks much cleaner, I like it somehow :smiley: