Engine hesitant

recently the engine has been hesitant from low revs on depressing the throttle. then vroom as normal. Almost goes to stall. Its only really noticeable when trying to pull away from low revs. Any ideas?

Its done 6k miles, 2.5k of them in last 3 months. Was serviced 2.5k ago. 177bhp version.



A few easy things to check

  1. Plugs/gap.

  2. Air filter mucked up.

  3. Air intake pipe securely fastened onto the airbox.

Oh, & you could also check the boost pressure of the turbo

it feel like something is ‘stuck’. after the initial hesitation is over it revs as normal, as fast as ever…I’ve not had a chance to poke around as yet.

turbo I ask you would be nice to have a dump valve on an Exige…

Silly perhaps, but new Exiges come with a ‘resonator valve’ (aka strangler) which cuts in around 2000 revs and closes off the airbox to reduce intake boom…

Normally this is removed, but I have heard of people just disabling the solenoid valves by disconnecting them from the ECU - if this was done to your Exige it is possible that some kind soul has noticed they are disconnected and done them up again…


Mine has started doing the same
Only started over the last couple of weeks though and it seems worse when cold. Its happens when say rolling in traffic and you accelerate slowly. Almost as if its taking in too much air, But then its fine. A old mini of mine running on twin SU’s used to do the same thing!!!
Ive found Optimax helps a fair bit though so Im going to see if helps more after a few tanks full.
Let me know if you find something out
Im going to take a look at the bits mentioned though.


My car wouldnt start on 2 occasions last night (As per SimonE’s recent post) Checked leads plugs etc, Still nothing, It was as if no petrol was getting through and
felt like the immobilser had kicked in.
I got out left it for a few minutes. Did this twice… Still nothing.
Then after about 10mins it started
Then felt like it was going to cut out when idling until it had warmed up.

Does anyone think the hesitation and starting problems could be linked???

But it was fine this morning


It went in to the dealer yesterday, needs new HT leads as they were arching, 2 out of 4 T-pieces were cracked and the fuel vacuum hose was split.

Got it back today, sounds much better revs freely…the damage �196.

going out for a spin tonight to feel the difference.

Just as I read your latest post then drove home mine started sounding really awful and started the famous 5500 stutter!!!
In my manual it says that if the engine management system detects a misfire, it continues running on 2 cylinders and limits the revs to 5500, hence the stutter.
I then filled up with petrol and it cleared and was running better.
I think a new set of leads and plugs are in order for me too!
What leads would you all recommend and does anybody know where fuel vacuum hose is so I can check?
Any other ideas anyone.

St…St…St…Stuttering Robbo


Leads - Magnecor (red) - available from Eliseparts.

Misfire - assuming you’ve got the recall upgraded ECU, it resets itself by switching off the ignition & waiting 30 secs.

Cheers Pesky,

Will investigate getting some tomorrow.
It’s had the ECU recall done but its the first time Ive had the stutter. I dont think a set of leads, plugs and cleaning the air filter will do any harm though and at least I’ll be able to rule them out if it carrys on.

Not stuttering anymore Robbo… Touch wood!!!

Robbo - Also check the wheel speed sensor connections on the RH rear - pull the plug apart and give it a good spray of wd40 and then make sure the contacts are clean with a toothbrush or something and put it back together and use new tie wraps to hold it in place

Also… what fuel are you using ? I found my pre-TT Exige bogged down on non-Super unleaded.

the HT leads were frayed where they rub against the top of the block, hence the arching. I bought the car in June with 3700 miles on the clock, i suspect this is why the hoses have gone brittle, lack of use!!!

Now its an awesome car, i think its never been running right from the off, must’ve been losing 10-20bhp.

Thanks lads,

Andy, you beat me to it, the wheel sensor was going to be my next question. Going to get the wheel off tommorrow and clean it me thinks.

Admin5, Im using a mixture of fuels at the moment. Initally optimax made quite a difference when I first put it in about 2 weeks ago (super unleaded is like gold dust round by me) but then I put some normal 95 in again and it was no different so Ive kept it on 95 ever since.
It always seems worse when theres less fuel in but its never consistent.
Im sure I read recently on another similar thread that someone else had something similar and it may have been a fuel pick up problem.

It wouldnt start again this morning which makes me thinks along the no fuel or no spark route.
I’ll do a bit of investigating tomorrow and let you know what state the plugs are in.


Glad yours has sorted itself because it sounds like mine may be the same problem.
Only had mine about 2 months, W plate, 6000miles and not much use.
It had only done 400 miles in the last year…
What a waste.

Robbo - can’t weigh up my lil’ monster - at mo starting absolutely top hole on the button, but every time go into garage expect her to be the reluctant mistress - been treating her to optimax lately…

Drove it back from work tonight after picking up my girlfriend in town and then just got back from her house and its driven the best it ever has.
Was ticking over smoother than ever and at the other end blatting down the lanes felt quicker than ever
He must have known I was going to take him to bits in the morning!!!

Now where did I leave my socket set!
You just watch, he wont start in the morning now

Exiges eh! - don’t you just love 'em

Notice how cold it has been of late…

Maybe it has to do with ambient air temperature…

How about moving the elephants trunk that feed the airbox so as to pick up colder air from the intake rather than air heated by the manifold ??


Just before I went on holiday I checked all the items everybody mentioned above and I think one of them worked!

First I got the rear os wheel off and cleaned the connector block. It was pretty filthy but I dare say thats due to the location of it and lack of any cover. Thanks for the advice Andy.

Then I checked the airbox / filter. Its had the restrictor and second filter taken out and the end filter was clean. Everything seemed ok.

Then I decided to look at the leads and plugs!!! The leads were ok but Im still going to treat him to some magnecors anyway but I think the problem may have been the plugs…
I believe they are the original plugs and all seemed to be about right colour but the gaps were all HUGE!!!
Well ok not huge but about 60thou

They must have never been touched on any service and just left to rot. I swiftly adjusted them all down to 33thou as per manual and WEH HEY HEY What a car.

As soon as I fired it up the engine sounded so much more smoother, What a differece, It now sounds like a car and not a lawn mower so I think a new set of plugs are on order too!

And I came back from hols yesterday and after nearly 2 weeks it jumped into life this morning as soon as I turned the key.

I think it may have been a combination of a few things but touch wood it will be fine now.

Thanks for all the advice lads.

Hope you all had a good day at Donny yesterday.
Hope to meet you all at the next one.

Cheers Robbo