Engine hesitant

Problems starting…Again!

Yep the car decided to leave me stranded at uni yesterday.
Tried for a few minutes, then left it for 10 minutes, came back to it and nothing.
It was turning over but wouldnt fire The lights were on but nobody was home!!!

Finally called the RAC who got there in about 15minutes (Must be priority Exige service) who then proceeded to check virtually everything.

There was nothing going through to the plugs or injectors so he checked the crank sensor.
That appeared to be fine though so the head scratching started!!!

He then followed the loom back to the large round connector block under the header tank and noticed it was slightly loose.
He un-plugged it and plugged back in and tightened it and hey presto it fired up.

I dont know whether it was a bad contact or simply re-set the ECU or something but it worked.

Might be worth a try the next time yours doesnt start.


Glad you discovered that.
At least you’re learning a lot about the Exige… the hard way.

Good luck!