Engine bay cooling

Hi guys This is what I’ve done to my engine cover.

What do you think


Hmmm, can’t see the file, it says it’s inaccessible.
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I was making it public when you looked - should be ok now I think. If not how I can I attach a photo here?

Hmmm, I find there are other solutions before drilling a pair of holes in the perspex.


Because the low pressure created here is greater than it is on the back panel, hence more hot air sucked out of the engine bay. And, depending on your point of view it may be considered stylish or racey - I take it you don’t like the look?

I have holes in the back panel (like I said before, nothing to do with my surgeon ) and they help - I’m sure this will help a lot more.

from my experience there is enough air escaping from the bay but not enough going in.
This is the case on my car with a motorsport engine cover, two rear vents opened and opening instead of number plate.


Looks a bit like the exhausts on the F1 Ferrari (copied by several others).

Do they get hotter than other parts of the panel? Therefore proving they are working.



I think if you don’t mind cutting holes in your engine cover then it looks quite racey and if you like the look then why not but i think cutting out the number plate recess etc would be abou as far as i’d go to get cooling.

I would fit a motorsport hatch if i was that keen so that i could keep my engine cover intact (unless it delaminates itself of course !!)

hmmm…looks interesting…
Rox, trouble with the motorsport one is that you can’t see out of it at all if the coppers are following you…

‘Trying’ to follow you.


Hi Nicolas,

The airflow over the grill at the top of the engine cover is too flat to either draw air out or force air into the engine bay - it is most effective when the car is stopped and hot air can just rise up through the grill. The roof scoop does push air down the sides of the engine cover but this is not enough to do the job as we all know.

With these ‘extractors’ being in the main airflow over the car, air is literally sucked out of the engine bay, therfore more will have to find its way in through the many orifices which exist around the engine bay.

Where did you get them from ?

I have a spare engine cover which i was going to chop up and add slots in similar to the motorsport cover but see-through

Phil, good idea…have been thinking of that for a long time…
let me know about the result with the Jenvey’s…that’s another long wanted feature…he-he…at the moment, I’m a bit busy with mooving house…how I luuuuve it…

Ian, you nutter…

The S2 Exige has, of course, addressed this whole issue with the use of a new high tech material known as chicken wire.

And in another move at the cutting edge of technical know how, they’ve even factored in water cooling, given that a tidal wave of water awaits the engine as soon as you park it in a downpour.

And in another move at the cutting edge of technical know how, they’ve even factored in water cooling, given that a tidal wave of water awaits the engine as soon as you park it in a downpour.

At least they may be able to get away with it this time, given the Japanese engine.


call me an old fart but I still don’t like the idea of a Lotus with a riced up engine…
I mean, if I fancy something like that, I might as well buy an Hondatoyotasubarumitsubishihiyunday thingy…


Next you’ll be putting carbs on it It won’t be long before you got a hand pumped horn on the side too

The Jap Short stroker engine are good tho’, they should have still made it cammy as hell! There’s the corolla’s they race in Macau which cough and splutter all through the pits again sounding like a bag of nails… But I think they redline about 10K rpm!!!

I simply can’t wait to test drive the S2, to either confirm or deny my worst fears about the peakiness of the Toyota engine.

It came in for some criticism in the EVO 111R/VX220 test this month. In other words, you have to rev the k***kers off it.

I once owned a Celica 190 and found it very near impossible to enjoy the drive due to the high revs needed to get anywhere near its potential. Not easy at all on the road without going way over legal speeds.

OK I accept that the same engine in a lighter Lotus will perform better, but it really does seem as if these same characteristics have been carried over to the new Hethel reincarnations, from what EVO said.