EERC Brands Hatch 20th November

Well, after a successful day at Donington, Russ & Matt will be racing at Brands. LINK HERE

We expect mucho support from the Southern contingent…please

So who’s going to be there besides Russ, Matt, Edwards Boyz, Mike Lane, Bernard & myself?

Initial permission has been granted!

New flashgun for the camera obtained (it gets dark early at that time of year! )


BTW, Indy or GP circuit?


GP - good or what

MUCH better to drive. Although harder to spectate around the more interesting parts. There’d have been some great piccies to be had from the old Dingle Dell (quickest line was to launch the car! ).


Count me in for that…

Given each other permission to come along
Simon & Elaine

But who’s gonna stay at home and look after the Landie?!

BTW, Ian the Cliddesden mechanic is a top chap and sorted me out a treat.


BTW, Ian the Cliddesden mechanic is a top chap and sorted me out a treat.


But what about the Exige?


No comment!


Rob/Russ et al

Great to see you guys are coming down south.

Should be no problem at all to get there just a few obstacles to overcome - will have just returned from 3 days away in Cannes (business of course!), dinner party in the evening, daughter’s leaving do before going travelling -house full of northeners.

What time will you be there? are you coming down on the Friday? Will try and come down on the Saturday morning.


What time will you be there? are you coming down on the Friday? Will try and come down on the Saturday morning.


Hi David

Will be great to see you again

Yep, we’re travelling down on Friday, with an overnight stopover chez Randy. Times for Saturday signing on etc.are “in the post”, but I expect we’ll be at the circuit from about 8.30. No doubt Russ will post up the precise times asap.

Hi chaps

Times for the day at:

  • provisional entry list below:-

    1 1 Ian Donaldson BMW GTR xx
    2 3 Back/Adams Ferrari GT xx
    3 4 Oliver/Graham.Bryant Ferrari GT XX
    4 5 Stephen.Hurst/Rick.Wood Audi A4 Supertourer Xx
    5 6 Andrew Allen BMW E46 xx
    7 8 Warren.Gilbert TVR Tuscan xx
    9 11 Alan.Edwards/Doug.Newman MARCOS gt Cup xx
    10 13 Chris.Niarchos Scuderia.Eccose F360 Xx
    12 18 Chris.Stockton/Darin.Dowling TVR 400 X?
    13 19 Paul.Cope/Tba Venturi GT X?
    14 20 Lee.Noble/Sam.Blogg Noble 400 xx
    15 43 Ian.Flux/Phil.Burton Ferrari F360 Cup xx
    16 22 Jullian.Griffin/Neil.Wardsworth V10Viper xx
    17 23 Russel.Treasure/Matt.Cummins Lotus.Exige xx
    18 24 In2 Porsche X?
    19 25 In2 Porsche X?
    20 26 Richard.Westbrook/Phillip.Taysom Porsche GT3 xx
    21 27 Del.Delaronde/Andrew.Grant Porsche 911Gtr X?
    24 32 Tony.Rodriguez/Dawe/Moore BMW CSL xx
    25 35 Damax Witt.Gamski F355 xx
    30 41 Mark.Charlton EXIGE CUP xx
    31 43 Ian.Flux/Phil.Burton F360 xx
    32 44 Matt.Cumins 07985686676 Lotus Elise xx
    33 45 Ian.Mitchell BMW E36 xx

36 Nigel.Rata/ Marcos gt X?
37 Rod.Carman/Simon. Bartholemue Posche Gt3 B

38 Cor Marcos X?
39 Cor Marcos X?
46 Colin.blower
Paul.Howells Porsche 993 P
47 Emotional Engineering Monaro GtCup P
7 Paul.Phillip.Harris Porsche 996 GT3 X?
Phillip Harris ?
49 Graham.Coombes Honda Supertourer P
50 Mike.Newton Ford.Falcon P
28 Gary.Lucas Mazda RX7 X?
52 Fred.Kitchin/ MARCOS GT CUP P
53 Barrie.Whight Lotus Elise P
54 Alan.Loydd Jaguar gt Cup P
55 Doug.Newman Lotus 24hr Cup P
56 Willie.Moore BMW GTR P
57 Jaguar P

If you cannot be bothered looking, it is qualy at 9.45 am, race starts at 13.20. Looks like a slightly different refuelling job - 5 minutes only and back to the grid.

Picture of Matt’s car from Donington on the 6th Nov


When are people gonna be going to Brands - anyone coming from SW London/Surrey fancy meeting up at Clacket Lane services???

Would love to meet up at Clackets Lane, but as we are going in the Yaris we can’t take the chance that you will slow us down
Simon and Elaine

LOL Fair point tho, since as Ian pointed out I have only got one of those ‘strangled 177bhp’ jobbies, so the mighty Yota would probably leave me for dead

Tee hee!

I may not make the start of qualie. See what I can do.


Well it was good to see everybody today!

I think the photography conditions were almost as difficult as the driving ones (overcast, cold, rain, snow, etc), but I’ve posted some of the better pics here. Let me know if any offend and you’d like them removed or if you’d like the full res originals.

There’s some more from the end of the second half of the race but I won’t post those without Matt’s permission!

Hope everybody also had a good day and made it home safely.