EERC Brands Hatch 20th November

Caption Competition


some nice picie there Ian, cheers
One can almost feel the unpleasant conditions…

Sorry we could’nt make it.
Caption Comp:
“Please God make the spark plugs hold together and don’t let the car catch fire”

There’s some more from the end of the second half of the race but I won’t post those without Matt’s permission!


aww… you can’t do that… don’t you just hate people who do that ???.. come IDG… you gotta post them pics now…

Thanks Ian!!!


Great to meet some more Exigers on Saturday and freeze my arse off in remarkably cold, wet and dark conditions. The weather did not seem to dampen the team spirits though and everybody seemed to have a good time.

Processed a few photos last night although to be honest most of them are terrible and have been filed in the ‘round cabinet’. A handful can be found at the link below, and I think evidence of the unfortunate end to the second race may be found there (sorry Matt )

Clicky for Brands EERC Photos

Hey, don’t knock yourself, pulling off any sharpness in a panning shot, in that light, with that max aperture, is quite a feat!

And now you’ve let the cat out of the bag I guess it’s safe for me to post my other pics.


Re: Caption Competition -
Matt wanted to see if the car had any ‘Short Cummings’!!

Simon & Elaine

Re: Caption Competition -
Matt wanted to see if the car had any ‘Short Cummings’!!

Simon & Elaine

That’d be Russ and Veronique then


Once again, i think your pics are great… there is a definate sense of speed with them

Caption Competition >

Matt swears allegiance to the great Druid god known as “Gravel Trappya”.

How come the blue No. 51 exige is sponsored by tesa yet Matts is the one covered in tape?

Simple answer…

After the thrills and spills of a season, we feel lost without tape !!!

Just up-loaded some of the less happy pics - here.


Wet brake pedal…

Foot slipped…

We’ve all done it at some time !!