ECU Recall

Pesky, I’ve still got my 177 ECU aswell as the 190. Does this mean I’ll get two ECUs from Lotus in exchange? [image][/image]

Well Ally, as Lotus can never tell you how many Exiges they made then you may get 2 [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Ally:Pesky, I’ve still got my 177 ECU as well as the 190. Does this mean I’ll get two ECUs from Lotus in exchange? [image][/image] If you’ve bought the 190 from an official dealer (Lotus dealer, that is!!!), then logic says that you should. However …Are you coming to Oulton on Wednesday?

erm…Mr Pesky…and what about those poor lads who dumped the Lotus ECU for an Emerald?cheers,Bruno

quote:Originally posted by Admin5: Are you sure about this ?? There’s much talk from those that have driven the S2 Elise 190’s that it’s down on power compared to Exige 190s (and have seen torque curves which support this)I don’t think you can point the finger purely at the ECU for that, rather the other emissions & road-legal stuff thats on my car coupled with a pre-final production ECU map.Time will tell though, I’m due for another round of mods soon which allegedly address this issue.

I received my letter this morning - approx 2 hours for the work to be carried out.Part of the recall is a safety check on the brake pipe routing - I believe this is for aircon cars where a brake pipe is adjacent to the battery. Potential problem is spilled battery acid corroding the brake pipe.Having mine sorted next Friday - 2 days after Oulton!

Rob, too busy at the moment to take time out for Oulton or Silverstone mid-week. Hoping to go to Croft on Saturday, 3rd August though if the weather forecast looks favourable. Hopefully they won’t cancel the track day at the last minute like the previous one I was hoping to attend. BTW, I’d be happier changing over to the new ECU if someone did a before and after on a respected rolling road first. Although the figures on these things are often inaccurate, if you use the same RR, it should at least let you know if there’s any increase/decrease. I wouldn’t be happy about a 10bhp decrease as I very rarely get a mis-fire. More frequent for me, is that when the engine is started up whilst hot, it sometimes idles at 3,000rpm. Not great really but goes away with a couple of re-starts.Anyone else going to Croft on the 3rd? (Rob?)

quote:Originally posted by tim_190:I don’t think you can point the finger purely at the ECU for that, rather the other emissions & road-legal stuff thats on my car coupled with a pre-final production ECU map. What else is there other than a motorsport cat (1-2bhp) that would make the car down on power ?I think it’s been confirmed that it’s not the S2 190 ECU that’s going to be used in the Exiges, so I guess it’s no longer an issue.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 26 July 2002).]

I think there’s more than 1-2 bhp loss in the cat on my car - it is one of the first development versions after all.Bear in mind I also know for fact my engine put out > 190 bhp on their engine dyno.There’s been a some fiddling with the pipework as well as ECU maps on my car. I don’t know for certain but I reckon it’s emmissions related.I’ll just have to wait and see what it’s like after they apply the next round of mods. They want the car for a couple of weeks so it must be more than a quick ECU upgrade.

Ah OK. I thought it was a std. Elise motorsport cat.I gather Elises lose power due to the fact that the exhauts aren’t straight (Caterhams producing more power from the same engine). Maybe 190bhp on the dyno (without the Elise exhaust) doesn’t translate to the same in the car… but then the same would be true of a 190 Exige, so that puts my theory in the bin.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 26 July 2002).]

I read the letter this morning - am gonna try and persuade my dealer to go 190 at same time - oh and buy a lottery ticket.But whats this " and should a high speed misfire occur you can still drive safely albeit at reduced power" bit mean then.My Audi Tdi does this if you dont let it warm up enough and thrash it … it gets all upset and drops the power off until you switch off and on again after a few mins - just how are Lotus going to identify a high speed misfire with the current sensors and shut the ECU into “get you home mode” ?

Simple, the ecu simply times how long you spend at 5,500 rpm. If you stick there for more than two seconds, it guesses there must be a misfire. You then have to limp to a dealer, where they can charge you an hour’s labour for resetting the ecu [image][/image]

Hey Brendan did you read Nick Adams comments on LLBB then ?You may well be 100% spot on …

For the benefit of those who’ve not seen it, this is Nick Adams’s latest:Hi All, yep, we’ve finally got there. What we are doing is issuing a Class 1 Recall for all Exiges and 340R’s during which your ECM will either be replaced with a re-programmed unit or re-programmed itself, depending on when we are able to get re-programming gear out to the dealer network. Cars done in the next two or three weeks will have exchange ECU’s, after that the existing ones will be re-flashed. The revised programme eliminates the infamous 5400rpm stutter, cleans up a couple of other areas of the calibration and also includes a built in misfire detection system. This will monitor a combination of crankshaft acceleration and exhaust oxygen content, and in the event of it sensing a severe misfire it will impose a 5500rpm rev limiter and cut the fuel supply to the offending cylinders to prevent the catalyst from overheating. Switching the engine off for a few seconds and restarting will clear the rev-limit and fuel cut-off, but as soon as it senses a misfire again it will re-engage. If once equipped with the revised calibration your car suffers from this then it needs to be taken to a dealer for investigation. The car can be driven safely while the rev limiter and fuel cut-off is engaged, but it isn’t much fun, so you’ll want to get to a dealer as soon as possible. The sensitivity of the system has been carefully set to avoid nuisance false detections caused by momentary misfires or stutters. The system uses, amongst other inputs, the ECM wheel speed sensor so that it knows when the vehicle is stationary. If you have disconnected this sensor (RH rear wheel)to get lots of popping and banging from your exhaust on overrun you will I’m afraid have to reconnect it.You should all receive a letter describing this recall in the near future. If you do not then contact any Lotus dealer for information and an appointment to have it fitted.Cheers, Nick

I’m sure that detecting the misfire will me a little more sophisticated than counting the time at a certain rev speed. Misfiring causes a very distinct pattern in camshaft acceleration and gulps of unburnt fuel/oxygen in the exhaust.Looking forward to getting mine replaced when I’m next home. I’m assuming that authorised dealers only can do this. I’m a loyal Haydon’s user but guess they can’t help me on this one. Any suggestions?

Matthew, I was thinking of Westover Cars in Blandford. Trouble is they seem to booked up until September!! But they are official dealers. Give Will Deedman a call, remember ex-dealer from Haydons.

So are they saying they have fixed it ?? or just built in a detection system to shut it down ???

Just had the call from the dealer ( Nick Whale) to see if I wish it to be done ? Needless to say YES !! ECU now on order but they say it may take a couple of weeks ! Any one been told anything else ?

Matthew, I was joking about the misfire detection.Phil, Nick claims they’ve fixed the problem AND added misfire detection as backup. I do like to see a double fix like that.

quote:Originally posted by rupzo:ECU now on order but they say it may take a couple of weeks ! Any one been told anything else ?Mine’s being swapped tomorrow - first one by dealer, who has been asked to phone Lotus before starting work on the first one!