Drifting day...

Anyone fancy it ? It’ll be cold for sure, but it’ll also be a lot of fun !



I’m in :sunglasses:

There’s lots of dates were you thinking week Sat?

Sat always tougher as my boys have football etc…Fri 20th March???

Could be tempted if the dates work out.

Yea, I was thinking a week on Sat originally, but whenever we can get numbers for really - would be a good start to the season I think ?

I do think this would be a laugh. Below are the dates prior to Anglesey and I’ve marked the ones I could do. Hopefully there will be a date that a few of us could do eh…I’d be proper unpopular if I buggered off this Sunday but…

24-Jan-2015 (Saturday)
25-Jan-2015 (Sunday) - Benja at a push
21-Feb-2015 (Saturday)
22-Feb-2015 (Sunday)
7-Mar-2015 (Saturday) - Benja
20-Mar-2015 (Friday) - Benja
28-Mar-2015 (Saturday)
29-Mar-2015 (Sunday) - Benja

if any day for me, 7th March

20th March is probably the best for me - means a day off, but what the hell.

29th March is getting too close to Anglesey I think…

7th March would have been perfect but I suspect I’ll be in Toronto again then… I could try and push my trip back if enough people can make the 7th…

20th March probably best for me as well. Too much on at the weekends just now and by then I’ll be ready for a day off.

I can make the 20th

Are we all go for the 20th then ?

Think so. At least 4 of us seems like a good start. You think there is any chance of a group discount?

I’ll email and find out… at least we all want to be in the same group…

This is gonna be fun :sunglasses:

No go with a discount, but we can ensure we are all in the same group…

We do not currently offer discounts for groups, however you may be interested in a bespoke day for just your group if you have numbers of 10 and over? Our public days have around 20 people on an event and the groups are split into two. You are welcome to request that you are put into the same group.

Would be nice to get a bespoke day, but honestly I think we’d struggle to get confirmed numbers and I’m sure their price must go up if we only had 10 of us ?

Yeah my vote is go for the day we picked and just request we’re in the same group.

Early in the year I bet they struggle to fill events anyways, for example this weekend there is only 7 out of the 20 places taken.

Ok - I’m booked on !

I’m now booked in for the 20th as well. :smiley: :smiley:

Can’t wait - will be great fun and will get us right in the mood for Anglesey :smiley:

Booked :sunglasses:

Who will be the exiges.com drift champion :smiley: