Donington Evening session Aug 7th


Me and Ali are driving down for this one and Friday are passing to the Radical factory.
Anybody fancy going to this evening session as well?


Will see you there - I’m booked in

Wahey - first time at Donington…looking forward to it!

Peskyyyy, where are you !!

I’m still planning to do the one on 24th Sept as well, fancy doing this one?

Sorry guys – too busy this week - also its pretty far to go for an evening only session, but have a good un…

Sorry Mate

Can’t do the evening event. Looks like you’ll be getting some good weather for it though

Booked in for Thursday, but a bit worried about the heat, whats the verdict on additional cooling from cutting the panels from arround the rear number plate support. I remember Mike Turn made these mods, anyone else think its necessary?

Hi Roy

Admin5, myself, Russ, Martin Edwards, & Uldis have all done this mod. I’m sure others have too, but I can’t remember who!

It most certainly helps in keeping both the engine bay & cabin cooler.

You’ll also need to watch out for overheating the brakes in this weather!

Hope everyone has a great evening


I’ve done this mod as well and can fully agree it works very well just as Pesky outlines.

It should only take about an hour or so to do with a drill and a hacksaw blade and then some mesh which can be “bonded” to the clam with silicon sealer … oh yeah and a steady hand

Number plate can be fixed with velcro so its quickly removed

I have done similar. I started by measuring the area and then used a CAD design program to calculate how many circles to drill out, to leave a sturdy but very perforated panel. I have not bothered with mesh, but for road use I have found that if I mount the number plate on 3cm spacer blocks, it still fits well within the recess but allows plenty of airflow around itself.

It worked yesterday at Snetterton, on the hottest day of the year…

Incidentally Snetterton is a great track and really suits the Exige - cars that I left in my wake included a TVR, Boxster S, Evo 7, several Elises, various corner-coward-straightline-schumakers in big-barge-turbo-tanks and a whole boxful of caterwestcosts. I should add that this was with new 048s, which transform the car.

My thanks go to BLINK for help with tyre pressures, and yes their car was marginally faster on the straight… (Roll on cyliner head conversion in two weeks time)


What tyre pressures did you find worked best?

A straightforward engine bay heat venting solution is just to remove the number plate and using a pipe cutter just drill a couple of 7cm(ish) diam holes behind where it sits. Then fix the plate back on with velco (availble from B&Q). It took a numpty like me 30 mins and you can really feel the difference in the cab during a trackday. I can tell when I’ve forgotten to take the plate off!


I started up with 31 psi and worked my way down, session by session, ending up at 26psi all round (pressures when HOT)

The grip was pretty much the same, to my judgement, which mught explain why there seem to be so many opinions out there, but the tyre temperatures were lower at the lower pressures, which I felt would be better for wear.

The final tyre temperatures felt very similar inside, middle and outside, and the tread was just starting to drag across in places, which after 147 track miles was fair play !!

Next trick is to find the right cold pressures for a 1.5 mile sprint - any ideas ???

After a last minute change of mind, I wandered down to Donny - hoping to blag a passenger ride.

It was great to see so many of the “Exige Fraternity” there - Andy, Martin + Gill, Steve, Uldis, Dave, Roy, Brendan plus Trevor & Ally who now of course have Radicals

It was bloomin’ [color:“red”] hot [/color] out there & despite Jonny’s recommendation that blats should be kept to about 15 minutes, Uldis managed to put in a 1 hour [color:“blue”]non-stop [/color] session!!! Good job he had a spare set of Pagids to replace those he completely knackered in that hour

Finally, muchos gratias to Jonny & Lord Scuffham for letting me have some laps out in the BLiNK eRise, & also a particularly big big thanks to Andy for letting me take his very nicely sorted Exige out for a few laps at the end of the evening - icing on the cake for me

Pesky, for future reference (and for legal reasons) it’s the BLiNK eRise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops - now sorted!

Good to see everybody again, I think a good evening was had by all! No stoppages or serious problems(except the heat)

Hope Uldis and Ali have a safe journy back to scotland (if Uldis has any pads left!!!)

Lucky buggers! - can’t wait till I’m fit again!

Oi Mikey

How’s you doin? It’ll be great to see you back on the track.

Hope 83boy has settled into his new job - can he get a used F3 between us, so we can take turns with it on track

Off to Le Mans area next week (family hols), & will be calling in at Chanteloup - so should I give your regards to Fanny?

See you soon

Ooops, I did it again!
I seem to like going for long stints, this time just pulled out when I felt the brakes slightly odd. Good that I did then, so I managed not to score the disks badly.

Arrived home safely last night after passing by the Radical factory (awesome! ) and later Glasgow to leave Ally, everything Ok.

EBC reds are my spare pds, but I’m really looking forward to taking them off. Not good even for road driving.
Going to try another set next (Carbotech). I’ll let you know how they perform.

It was great to see everybody as Pesky mentioned. It’s been a long time (since Anglesey) The car is running perfect and can’t wait to fit the Emerald ECU next.

Hope to see you guys next Sept 24 for the open pit lane session at Donington.