Does your S1 live outside and how often is it used

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I was just a bit curious to know how many Series 1 Exiges live outdoors all the time and does this have any effects on their condition? Mine is kept all snug in the garage, and the only time it gets wet is for a wash!(Maybe thats a bit sad and I ought to blat it around whatever the weather…)

Also do any of you use your car regularly (ie taxed all year, taken out regardless of the weather etc), and have you any stories that would make you want to either keep it for good days or justification to take it out whenever.


Mine lives inside a dehumidified garage under a fluffy cover on a bed of peacock feathers. I wash it with the gently warmed tears of virgins I have recently deflowered.

PMSL at George!!!

I half half in the garage and half in the spare bedroom. Been like that sine November 2009. :frowning:

Were they crying because of the way you deflowered them George?

Yup mine lives on the drive under its waterproof cover. I’d love to put it in the garage but I live in London and struggled enough to find a house with a drive let alone a garage!

I don’t get much opportunity to use it at the moment but when I do I’ll drive it whatever the weather…apart from snow, 48/888’s and snow, not doing that again. I’ve even been known to leave it outside in biblical rain with the window open :smiley:

Even after many many years of ownership, its still an event for me to peel off the cover and fire it up…esp because it usually means I’m on my way to a trackday to use it for what it was built for :sunglasses:

mines in the garage as i try to use it only in dry. even i m not driving it but i will go to see it in the morning…it just looks so amazing. Cant stop looking at it…!!!

But I must take it to the track more often as i need to unleash its true potential

Were they crying because of the way you deflowered them George?


Sadly, no. I just bore them to tears talking about my little plastic and aluminium car :wink:

Are virgins mandatory to Exige ownership ? In that case, I’m ready to buy a second car :wink:

Kurt you know where mine is parked :wink: - used and abused :slight_smile:

Its on call 24/7 - 12 months of the year :slight_smile:

And not a deflowered virgin in sight :blush:

But as to the main question. Mine is in garage attached to house. I open the kitchen door, sit on the step and just gaze at it. I pass it on the way to the freezer( or, more often, the wine rack and the outside fridge for a beer).
But it does spend a lot of its time in its Autopyjamas so is not always on view.
Living in the north-west, I’ve abandoned all hope of driving it only in the dry so it’s taxed all year round and it goes out whenever the sun shines but recently we’ve braved a deluge or two.

Here’s mine in the garage. I no longer live at this place but rent the garage still. Going to be moving soon, possibly into my first home so will be a slight downgrade in the garage, unless I get to build my own :slight_smile:

I use the car at least once a week; she has done 50k now. Weather does not worry me, I try not to use her in the Snow (salt and all that) but did once get caught in a blizzard and surprisingly it made it home without too much buttock clenching passing several stranded vehicles on the way (standard tyres helped).

It is garaged and I use a dehumidifier.

[quote=SimonE]Kurt you know where mine is parked :wink: - used and abused :slight_smile:

Its on call 24/7 - 12 months of the year :slight_smile:


Seeing yours on the driveway in the real world was the reason I asked the question. I think it looks pretty good for a car that lives outside. The only time I drove mine in the wet was when I brought it back from Martins place a few weeks ago after its service. I didn’t enjoy the wet experience (I was thinking about the cleaning I’d need to do), but the rooster tails were amazing!

[Pedantic] Technically, is there such thing as a deflowered virgin? Certainly, you can deflower a virgin, but then they are ex-virgins … [/Pedantic] :slight_smile:

Probably best to collect those tears for washing purposes before deflowering the virgins just in case it erodes the beneficial effect on the paintwork …

I’ve resurrected this thread because mine is now in daily use as the Eunos is undergoing repair (when time permits). I’m not happy about it, I can hear the stone chips happening on the commute to work. I think I need to treat it to some kind of polish when I get it back into it’s shelter. On the upside, It’s a proper blast overtaking the lines of 40mph heroes on the main 60mph road to work. Why don’t truckers pull in periodically to let traffic past? Tucking fruckers…

Because Truckers are tracked by their employers and are questioned about 2 minute unexplained stops…
Also the fuel needed to accelerate 44 tons back up to cruising speed is mind blowing !
… And surely they are the easiest thing to pass on the road? I mean they simply can’t speed up as you overtake them…unlike Volvo owners !
Peace to truckers .
If you own it ,a truck brought it to you.
If you eat it ,a truck bought it to you .

Just treat it as a consumable part - you have some beautiful roads in Lincs so every drive should be the long way round :sunglasses: