Does your S1 live outside and how often is it used

your a bad man kurt!!!

i can sense every s1 owner shaking their head in disgust… :wink:

on the plus side, you know dont look like a hairdresser driving to work…(jokey)… :blush:

[quote=jfk]Because Truckers are tracked by their employers and are questioned about 2 minute unexplained stops…
Also the fuel needed to accelerate 44 tons back up to cruising speed is mind blowing !
… And surely they are the easiest thing to pass on the road? I mean they simply can’t speed up as you overtake them…unlike Volvo owners !
Peace to truckers .
If you own it ,a truck brought it to you.
If you eat it ,a truck bought it to you .
Etc.etc. [/quote]

Yes, you’re right of course and I normally do pay homage to the truckers and give them plenty of room…it’s not actually them I’m cross with. It’s the knobs who think that the best view to have is a close up of the vehicle in front of them, leaving no gap and making NO attempt to get past the HGV’s. My commute is along a 60 mph road and I’m missing a third of that speed regularly (overtaking ops are few). Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now.


You’re correct of course, on the S1 side of things at least. The Eunos is on ebay because I’ve decided that I need something more practical…I feel a thread coming on!


Out for a run on Sat and I had the complete opposite. Old buffer made a real effort to pull into the kerb and indicate me past on an excellent bikers road around Selby.

If he hadn’t I would have been stuck behind him for a road few miles of decent bends.

From his wave as we pulled alongside he was an enthusiast rather than one of those nervous types that just wants rid of you. Makes for a refreshing surprise and put a smile on my face.