Dodgy Pipe

Dear all,I’m pretty sure that this isn’t right - but before I traipse down to Peter Smiths - just thought I’d try and get confirmation from “the collective”.Standing at the back of the car looking towards the engine - just behind where the drivers seat is - are two pipes with black plastic taps on top - the one furthest away is about an inch in diameter - the one closest a bit narrower. Are they for the air-con ? Anyway - on the smaller pipe - where the metal piece goes into the union it does not appear to be physically attached to it - it just rests against it. The larger pipe is fine. Looks like it should be soldered and this may have broke ?. Is that correct ? Do you reckon ? Maybe ? Thanks - Tim

Yep its aircon, and mine has done that too. Sheared off due to vibration.I am still awaiting parts from London Lotus. Should be a warranty issue…Cheers

I have the same problem and am also still waiting for the partsAlready one month nowEric

Mark, EricThanks for that - I’ll book her in !Tim

just checked same problem… no wonder the air conditioner seemed useless

wow… seems like a pretty widespread problem.

mine too --part on order

Mines now broken twice, but the air con is so crap you don’t notice the difference!!

Mine did it too… Took 3 months to get it fixed - lack of parts, then wrong parts delivered (sent an Elise aircon pipe - didn’t even know the Elise had aircon).Reading the Lotus service manual about aircon, I came across an interesting piece:-it says that the refrigerant gas should not be allowed to leak as it can attack metal. Now, it doesn’t take much brain power to figure out that the car has a lot of metal in and around the engine compartment…Also, when the aircon pipes are fixed and the system regassed, they are supposed to replace the receiver-drier unit (section PH of the service manual, 2000/04 update, page 20). I bet no one has had that done have they???T[This message has been edited by TT (edited 26 October 2001).]

Hi all,Mine has just done this as well. Typically the car came out of warranty a couple of weeks ago. (no, I haven’t been using the air con - I noticed it while cleaning/checking the oil etc)Did all you guys who had this problem eventually get it fixed? Did anyone have to pay for it? If so how much? Or do I whinge and whine and try to get it fixed for nothing?ThanksMike

I have had mine fixed - took the whole bloody lot out.Its only extra weight [image][/image]Cheers

MikeGot mine fixed at Peter Smiths back in early December. It’s still under warranty so there was nothing to pay. But as it seems a common problem I feel that they really should fix yours foc.Not sure if the design’s been improved to withstand all the vibration that it must be subject to or not. I’ve done bugger-all miles in it to give it it a thorough testing over Winter. My 12mth service is coming up next month so I’ll give it it good testing just as soon as the sun shines and all the poxy grit has gone from the roads.Cheers, Tim

Mine did the same yesterday after a hard run!Even with some smoke…because the gas went on the very hot exhaust pipes…****.

Thanks Guys.It seems that this is an ongoing problem then. I’ll see what my dealer says when I tell him. If they’re not playing ball then a call/letter to Hethel is probably needed.I’ll keep you posted.RegardsMike

Hi guys,Just read all these postings and thaought better check mine, & yes the pipe on the engine side has shear off.Not sure I am going to fix it though as it is that cool inside due to all the draughts from the floor vents. Also if they have made no alteration to this part won’t it shear off again !!!

quote:Originally posted by rupzo:…it is that cool inside due to all the draughts from the floor vents.Just you wait till the summer! They put it in for a reason…even if it doesn’t work!Ian [image][/image]

I have had these pipes replaced and they have sheared again. As it makes no difference to the function of the air CON why bother. Lotus informed me that they have detected a 3 degree (Music Joke Pesky?)temp change at the vent in my car with air CON on, and this is within acceptable peramiters. I have been unable to replicate this drop, which I think is still unacceptable, in my own tests. I think I have a case to reclaim my 1500 quid through the small claims courts on the grounds that the air CON is not suitable for the purpose for which it was sold. Any opinions?

I suppose its only normal to hear about faults rather than things working normally on here…but there does appear to be a large number of people who are dissatisfied with the aircon…one with the actual temp drop, two with vent flaps, three with the pipes shearing, four with the cost, and five with the fact that the alternator has to be moved from a cooled position into a hotter area - I know the 340R guys have had a number of heat related problems because of this - and I haven’t even mentioned the weight!All in all not the best bit of work from Lotus but then not an area they are really experts in - or indeed should.

Hi all,I took my broken pipe into the service desk at my local dealer this morning (it has gone at both ends and was flapping around in the engine bay) and said "I think this should still be attached to the car - what do you think? Fortunately he agreed and even though the car is out of warranty (by 1 month) a quick fax to the factory confirmed that they would do the repair under warranty. I know most you would put this in the ‘why bother’ category but if air con is fitted it may as well work (even if only to a limited effect)and at least the factory seem to realise that they have a engineering/customer dissatisfaction problem here.Mike

Picked up my car today with A/C working normally in the hot Spring sunshine. If it holds together until the summer it will have been worth it - but I promise not to use it on track! Repair was completely FOC as promised, BUT i was told that I need new rear disks!Mike