decent lap time around anglesey

Whats a decent lap time around anglesey in a standard Exige?
Did a 52.1 last week on my first visit in the car and would like to know if this is reasonable?This is JohnC 's old car by the way!

Log on John’s web site , download his anglesy video and time it

Did that - 52s … checked one of my videos and 52 secs was about as quick as I got … So I guess its average

Tried it but Johns videos don’t cover a full lap. Average sounds about right. I think theres probably another second or so in it if pushing very hard but not much more!
I believe the Blink motorsport Elise (honda engine) has done a 49.5 sec but to be fair its has much more straight line grunt than my Exige.

A girl could do a 39 sec lap of Anglesey

In an S2

Yes, I had heard the rumours about you!You wern’t in formaula woman were you?



You were gagging for it Russ

I have video some where of a 51:88 and a 51:15 in your car and I think it is capable of getting into the 50’s


i will uplaod the video onto my web site and post the url
but I will do it from work as I dont have broadband here in the sticks it shows my lap timer clocking the time
Not on a track day by the way it was a private test day

I followed Veronique around Anglesey and I reckon she was quicker than 39secs

oh look I made a 100 (posts)

I am taking the Erise there on the 3rr Sept for some gear linkage adjustments I am really keen to see what it is going to get round there in
The grip isnt quite the same but I now have a set of Ao48’s

I followed Veronique around Anglesey

Makes a change from sheep (Allegedly)


not much else to do up here
except on my way home from work pulled into the garage to fill up and the local plod follow me in

He gets out and says can I have a word
so I thiught oh dear must be the noise but no
much more serious
My number plate is too small and he rants at me saying he didnt see why his wife should have to pay for her plate while I drive around braking the law
I pointed out that I had actually paid for my plate as well and wasnt aware it was illegal so he gave me a fixed penalty
and said he could have my plate withdrawn dy DVLA
So I said you have a real bad attitude this is a number plate offence we are talking about
He then got his camera out took several polariods and then measured the characters
I asked him what size they where and he said measure them yourself and got back in the Police car

Respect or what

pesky when you fitting the Honda


Sounds like you encountered a right prat!

This link details the required size/spacing for number plates Here

Honda - still dithering!


This kinda sh1te makes normally law abiding citizens turn into full blown militant rebels…

Absolutely no need whatsoever for that IMHO…


Honda - still dithering!

What’s these mutterings I’m hearing then Pesky? Going to have to come a knocking on your garage door with a few beers, noticed the garage light was on about 10:00 pm yesterday evening. Do you need a lift taking thowd engine out then, thought you were K series through n through?


Going to have to come a knocking on your garage door with a few beers, noticed the garage light was on about 10:00 pm yesterday evening.

Garage - just saying goodnight to my little beaut

Are you coming to Pembrey this weekend - you could play golf on Saturday & watch the racing on Sunday?

Thanks john that would be great.
Car still going well although I have got some sort of rear suspension noise recently that I’ll have to get looked at.

Talking of number plates - I was done on Anglesey for not displaying my plates when I went to fill up near the circuit - encountered exactly same attitude as you did apparently.

How do you like the Erise?

Trying tonight for an early start time for Saturday golf, then I have to work hard at annoying Janet so she does not want me to go to a barby in Macclesfield sat pm. Will probably have an early start Sunday morning on the motorbike as a last resort.

hi Steve
Glad to hear the car is going well

The eRise is incredible in a straight line I have yet to see how it goes on track
I really miss the Exige and given my time again I would not have sold it the erise has now cost me �23K and is a great car in excellent condition and I love having the hood off again but It does not have that solid brutal grip that you get with the S1 Exige
John C