Da Edwards Diffuser - Update

I know that the Edwards Boyz are too modest to bang their own drum, blow their own trumpets etc. but…

Gavan Kershaw recently tested one of the diffusers on his racecar at the Snetterton LRSS meeting - gained him 1/2 second per lap As a result, Gav was of course running his car with the diffuser at Donington last Sunday

For those who haven’t got one yet, see Here


This may just be the proof required to explain to the wife it doesn’t just look good (she thinks it’s silly)! Now I can honestly tell her it is a safety device proven to increase grip - IT MAY SAVE MY LIFE!

Boys, you may have an order! GOOD JOB!


Gav also reckoned he was 0.4 sec faster at Dony and had made no other changes…

Cheers Pesky,
Will have to get you an “Indy Beer” for this one

Fantastic news - got one on order and just can’t wait to get it !!

Mind you it’ll make little difference to me yet - I’m still trying to find the limits of the car as they’re a sh1t load higher than my old Elise !!

Hi David,

I was just about to mail you! Your diffuser should be ready this weekend (25th Oct) If you want to drop us an e-mail or call 07973725980 to arrange for a collection and bring the ballance with you or we could organise for a delivery and you could send the ballance in the post.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Steve & Martin.

Steve & Martin - brill, well done - totally pleased bout this - but how do I obtain the other 10 secs I need to get a decent Donington lap?? - they look the absolute top boll*xs…

Did you see the Ferrari 360 Stradale on 5th gear the other night.
The close up clip of the back looked very similar to an Edwards design…

Steve, Hope your not supplying them too

Naah! the design is for Exiger’s only

Naah! the design is for Exiger’s only

Hey what happened to “Exiger” where did he go…

Woohoo - picking it up tuesday !!

Hey Steve / Martin.How do I order mine ?
Can you ship to garage where car is being sorted?
Let me know how much packaging/carrige is and where to send payment.

[email protected]

Steve/ Martin, what is the status on the Scottish version. Looks like your going to get busy.


Hey Steve / Martin.How do I order mine?..Let me know how much packaging/carrige is…

Me too pls. Sounds like an ideal Christmas present for the Exige.


I wouldn’t get too carried away with GK going around Donny 0.4 seconds quicker - track temperature can make more difference than that. And there is also the fact that the motorsport cars are running with splitters practically scraping along the ground, which means that any effect will be much more obvious than an Exige on the road.

Thats not to say its not a nice piece of kit, and it does look cool!



Ah, but the Snetterton times were done back to back without/with the diffuser fitted

I recall that you race your car with a diffuser too (albeit, not of the “Da Edwards” variety)

Those of us who have got them to date, have bought them coz they look great, & not for extra “ground effect” - any of that is a bonus

OK - didn’t read your post in full! I run one because other people are and if it does help then I am not at a disadvantage, and it looks cool!


6097K & IDG, (and anyone else who wants a diffuser)

Sorry for the delay in replying but home PC is still sick and I can only get online at work!

If you would like a diffuser then E-Mail your order to [email protected] Stating your delivery address and the colour (Black or aluminium) that you require. Then send your payment of �100 + �25 post & packing, (you can collect and save the �25 if you like) to :-
Martin Edwards,
18 Northage Close,
LE12 8AT.

We do have a couple of black diffusers available for immediate delivery on a first come first serverd basis.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Martin & Steve.

I think I was either Customer 1 or Customer 2 for one of these (“factory fitted” by Martin and Steve at Silverstone in Sep 2002).I bought it because it looked so cool…

Not long afterwards at a Donny track day which was a bit damp I nearly went off at Redgate when I seemed to lose front end grip. Initially I put this down to new rears (A039s)and partly worn fronts but then I began to wonder if the back end wasn’t now gripping rather better than the front??..???

It is a fact that even the standard diffuser causes nice rooster tails in the wet but with the Edwards device fitted it is even more pronounced. I think it works! and I’m happy to have Gavan Kershaw endorse my opinion.

I wonder if this is why I’m also wearing out rear pads faster than front ones???


I wonder if this is why I’m also wearing out rear pads faster than front ones???



me too… what kind of pads have you been running??