Curry Night

Okay, please add your name to this post if you’re in for the 12th December. I want to give numbers to the chosen venue - we’ll have a seperate room, & I’ve gone for a set menu @ �15 per head. Sorry, but I can’t be @rsed trawling through the earlier threads to work out who said they’d be there, so please respond asap - muchos gratias. (Anyone know how to it it in Bangladeshi?)

Me me me me me

That was 5 places for Mike. Only one for me please.

Like you, I don’t remember about the arrangements, did somebody book us all from a list? or did we have to book ourselves?
If so, where was it?

Muchas gracias senorita (practice that)

Et moi, granpapa.

I’m in!!!

Turkey Masala pleeeeease!


Uldis & everyone else

I am assuming that “non-locals” will be staying at the Swallowfield Hotel on Friday night. Once I know the numbers of those staying at the hotel, I will:

  1. Make sure the hotel sets aside adequate parking for the Exigers. (Should be arriving there from Oulton at around 6 to 6.30pm)

  2. Notify the restaurant of numbers (plan to eat at 8.30pm).

  3. Arrange for local taxi firm to “minibus” hotel guests to/from restaurant (approx 1.5 miles), so no worries about drinking & driving. Pickup from Hotel at 8pm. Possibly, everyone returning to hotel for a “nightcap” or two.

I also need to know how many “curry eaters” will not also be staying at the Swallowfield, so I can book the requisite number for the restaurant. Details/maps will be dished out at Oulton.

Grazie molto

I’m staying at the Swallowfield, with a nice view of the car park apparently.


Hi Pesky,

Dad and me are both staying at the Swallowfield Hotel and are obviously both giong to be present at the curry eat out Hope the sun is shining for us.



I’m at the Swallowfield with tractor and trailer and for sure will be in for the curry.

Nothing will stop me …

bugger, won’t be able to make it…a bit too far away…
have a good one

Oi you little cuckoo clock,

Get yourself booked on a flight from Geneva (Easyjet?) & join in the fun

Us Brit Exigers (including Uldis!!!) will pay for your curry & 2 nights stay at the Swallowfield Hotel, so you will still be able to buy Renate a Christmas pressie This is not bullshit, we will pay!!

Come on Bruno, we’d love to see you again

oi Rob, you old tea bag hope everything is cool…
aaaahh, that’s very kind of ya, cheers, mate but unfortunately, I have not a single holiday left this year…
but I will be back next year
almost forgot about that…buying a pressie for her…he-he…cheers for reminding me…

Just to confirm that my tractor and trailer and even my Exige are booked into the Swallowfields - I have a room with a view of the car park, and the Exige has a room (with a view to bonking a pumped-up Beetle called Luby-Loo )

LOL! - mike you wierdo!

Hey Bruno, if you left work early on Friday couldn’t you just make it to us in time for grub??! Could you imagine a line of Exige at the airport all there in your honour to collect you!?!! But which colour would you choose for your ride to the restuarant?

Oh well, maybe next year!


Count me in. Im already booked in the Swallowfield.

Se you all then

I’ll be the one with the armchair on my roof

Ian, what a brill thought…hmm which colour… that would be a difficult one…pink maybe?
but then again, def. not Phil’s car 'cause it might fall apart whit all that filler stuff…

Hi Rob et al,

I intend to make an appearance on Friday at some point but I am not yet fit enough to sign up for a full track day - hopefully someone will give me a ride . I’m not sure I can commit to the curry night either but if I’m feelin’ good - who knows.

Rob, I’ll email or phone ‘off-forum’ nearer the time (I have a hospital appointment on 9 Dec and much will depend on the outcome of that)

Regardless, I hope to see you all at Oulton .


I’ll be the one with the armchair on my roof

Wimp - THIS is how you do it


Bloody fantastic

Whos Who?

I take it thats AndyD overtaking you around the outside