Croft- March/April

Hi Peeps

I’m trying to arrange an trackday, but haven’t got any spexcific dates as yet. I’ve asked the organisers to try for a Friday or Saturday.

I’ve picked Croft cos I don’t think many of us have driven there (me included), plus we owe it to Uldis, Rox & Dave to travel in their direction for a change

I’ll post up details as & when available, but in the meantime, please would indicate if you think you should be able to attend - thanks.

Yep - Never ran at Croft either so put my name down for it please

Yes - If I am successful at my upcoming assessment centre !!!

Count me in Never been to Croft either - Fri or Sat would be ideal to make a weekend of it.

CROFT!!! For me, that’s as far as…Anglesey! Cool, I love going there! I’m in!

Another circuit I fancy trying.


ps. Good luck Mikey!

I’m up for it so long as it doesn’t clash with any race dates.

I’m up for it so long as it doesn’t clash with any race dates.

That’s why I’m pushing for March/April

Im definite for that.

Me, me, me!

I’m up for it (of course) and I’m sure Rox will. Dave, depending if he’s on the boat or not.

Let me know how many more would we need to fill up places, I’m sure there’ll be several from the S_E that would want to come.

Thanks for your great response, guys - I’ll keep you posted.
I’ve indicated to the TDO that we will be able to get between 10 & 20 Exiges, but let’s try & crack 30

Depending on the date, if I can do it, I will. I already have several events for March April including a holiday in the couple of weeks before Easter.

Also FWIW, I am now registered as a TDO on behalf of VSCC with ATDO (see here) so I could, in the future, take a track and get TP insurance for us and run a day at ‘cost’. …but I don’t really want the aggro of yet another event to organise and I would need full participation up front to undewrite the cost of hire… Also I don’t want to steal business from established TDOs who are friends of this site… But food for thought perhaps .

Happy New Year to all.


Put me down as a definate as well please

yes yes yes yes… just give me enough notice of the dates but i don’t see a problem.

I’m a deffo…

I’m a deffo…


I’m a deffo…


Hear? hear?

That should be cool for me, off to Mugello in May but as long it’s before then excellent!

Go on then, you have twisted my arm!

Grateful if you could avoid the weekend of the 5th March (please don’t make me choose between a family wedding and an outing with you lot, I don’t want to lose any inheritance! ).


Oi Mark, are you going to Mugello with the Exige?
Raced there once but in a bike. Doing it in the Exige must be a blast…

Yep, should be ok for that.