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Really sorry about this, but Russ has just informed me that his missus has booked them a weekend away on 22nd April.

I want to settle on a date when everyone who wants to, is able to attend, so…

I’ve asked the TDO to go for either Friday 29th or Saturday 30th April, when he speaks with the circuit on Monday.

I hope that these dates are okay for everyone, but obviously we won’t know the available dates for sure until next week.

Once again, sorry for the messing about - thank goodness I don’t have to organise a pee up in a brewery

Maybe Mike S can make it now though (trying to find a bright side for you Pesky! ).


That date is good for me too.


Just book me in whatever the date around then - I will move eveything to fit in.

Whoever is making overnight bookings - book me in as well please - the night before



I am the same as Andy, just book me in whatever day. I take your point Ian re travel back, so count me in for accomodation the night before.


those dates are good for me

Lets not forget to invite another special guest …

I think the Administrator of this Board should also be at this meet David ??

I think the Administrator of this Board should also be at this meet David ??

But, only on the strict condition that we all drive his Ford GT

Seriously though, it would be great to see him there too

Date is not a problem for me, would like to stay somewhere close the night before and drive back after the trackday.

29th or 30th are OK for me.
The B&B see
They have 13 rooms and are OK for these dates, no deals they are reasonable enough already. �65.00 for single occupancy, �95.00 for double, breakfast included, restuarant extra. 2 miles from the circuit.
I have reserved the whole place so if we can confirm numbers and date asap.

Both dates ok by me


Either date is good for me and dad. not sure on the overnite stopping yet.


Yep, both are good for me!

Also would wanna do the over night stay… That place still seems a little pricey tho’, even Travel Inns are cheaper than that…

Hi Mark, you cannot compare this place with a Travel Inn!
The food is superb, each room is like a little penthouse and being an old farm it is away from prying eyes, so no problem with parking. I have no financial interest in this either way just in case anyone wonders.
Suggest people who want to book do so individually and mention my name and

Oh wow! Just looked at the site and that’d be well worth the treat!

I think it’ll be worth getting there early the day before to have a walk about and soak up some of the ambience! :grin

A very good find!

However the cynic in me says, if you’re getting there late and just need a bed for a night then it’s a little overkill

Now who shall I bring flicks through little black book Didn’t take long… goes to “UK Dating”

I’m up for staying over too and will go along with the general concensus about where to stay.

both dates ok with me.

Dates ok for me, prefer the Sat if possible.


Wish I’d seen this thread before posting on the other one

I’m ok for either of these dates so count me in


That’s better. I’m in.