I am probably going to sell the Exige

It has done a pretty good job of bankcrupting me over the 2 months I’ve had it - along with the engine rebuild (�3200), tyres (�300), B service (�300) it now needs a new exhaust (baffles are fooked), so that’s another �600…

I just cannot afford to keep running something this costly - I realise I have been unlucky, but it’s taken the edge off the enjoyment of the car for me - it harks back to the old days of my Cinq Sporting when every time I drove it I wondered what would go wrong next…

It’s a shame, because when the car was good it was very very good… just incredible in the right coniditions

And it’s a shame I never got to meet any of you guys, because despite this being a small forum it has always been very friendly (not like SELOC), and people have always been helpful with my non-technically minded questions…

What next, you ask? Well, I’m pretty sure I will be back in a VX again - if I can get a turbo for around �20k then I’ll go for that, otherwise I’ll pay off a bit of credit and go back to a 2.2

It ain’t over quite yet as my beast has a stay of execution while I am waiting to get paid before I stick a sports exhaust on her and put her up for sale

Thanks again all


I’m very very sad to hear this…

You have certainly had a run of bad luck, but I can tell you that it is not always like this. In fact it is hardly ever like this…

I’m sure all the guys will say that you must come and meet us anyway, whatever you are driving…

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t pay �600 for an exhaust (or Simon (S) will be on your case!). Janspeed supersports from Owen at, or get an Eliseparts one, or get the side exit one from All significantly less than �600!


Whatever you decide to do, just don’t pay �600 for an exhaust (or Simon (S) will be on your case!). Janspeed supersports from Owen at >> , or get an Eliseparts one, or get the side exit one from > > All significantly less than �600!


I absolutely agree with MarkD above… yo udon’t need to pay �600 fo ran exhaust.

Regardless were all sorry to lose you so quickly… hopefully no-one will buy it?? and then you have to hang on long enough to endure some reliabilty??

Tyres/Service and probably exhaust are all pretty standard expenses, its just your engine rebuild that gobbed on ya!! But if its been done properly then you shuold have a stonking car and a period of reliability (just keep an eye on consumables (oil !! brakes tyres etc).

Anyway if you do change… come say hello on the bbs and at track days from timeto time.

Also if VXT why not get the Sprint ??

I think you could just transform the way to spend.
Start looking for the best option and not be so quick to bring out the credit card.
To start, the silencer can’t cost �600, more like 350, and then you can find a seconhand one for like �200.
For services,you need to be able to find a good non-Lotus garage.
I sure am myself.
Tyres, well, don’t know what you got on, but normally we pay more.
Having said that, there a couple of alternatives, like the Kumhos or (god forbid) the Colways Traxstars (rethreads, hey I might be on a set of those at Dec Oulton).

Don’t sell it, everyone that has, has regretted it sooner or later.
You’ll find the VX turbo very bland by comparison, and it’s no cheaper to run.

In my view you have already gone through the difficult part, now it’s easy from here. Selling now would be like selling a stock when it went down, you have to hold on to it.

Hope to see you (on your Exige) soon.


I bet somebody out there has an old standard exhaust you could have for a fraction of that!

Post a Wanted ad.

I understand it’s pretty simple to change yourself, even possible without ramps/stands.



I know exactly how you feel in regards to the costs as I have just gone through a pretty similar period myself. In the last couple of months I have just bought new discs as the Lotus ones kept warping, new plugs and up rated leads to cure a misfire that still hasn’t gone away, a new up rated radiator because the Lotus one exploded, a new up rated clutch line because the Lotus one cracked, a new exhaust and SCRP because the car eat the original ones and the car is still waiting to go in to Lotus to have the broken aircon fixed…

�However, my belief is that the car is fundamentally very strong and these problems all arise from lack of development which is inevitable on a production run of 600 cars. Now most of the common faults have been ironed out of my car the last thing I would want to do is pass it on for someone else to enjoy the forthcoming reliability. My saving grace is that I am lucky enough to be able to do all the work myself which has meant that I have just about managed to afford this spate of problems. I think that most Exige owners treat their cars as a hobby as well as a mode of transport and are happy to spend the time sorting out all these little problems. Also, I�m sure a VX Turbo would still suffer similar faults as it is fundamentally the same car.

As for tyres, I went for Toyo�s which cost �290 for a set and are very good road tyres and not as bad as you would imagine on the track. Only trouble with my Toyo�s is that they are making me reluctant to go out on track with all the other Exige guys on their Yoko�s for fear of getting overtaken. If you aren�t an over competitive sod like me, however, this shouldn�t be a problem.

Just take the little beast for a blast on a empty country road and all the problems will be forgotten� It works for me.

Wow! What a response!

Thanks guys

Mark/Rox re the exhaust - when I said �600 I was thinking that as an all-in cost ie �300 ish for the part and �300 VAT and fitting (rear clam off job, if I’m not wrong?). If the Janspeed is good then I’m probably go for that rather than a std exhaust as it make the car that bit more saleable…

Rox - VXT Sprint would be lovely mate but �20k is my absolute limit now, so I will be very lucky to find a stock turbo for that money…

Uldis/Randy - I am already on the Toyos and they’re fine for what I’m doing I use Lakeside rather than B&C so that’s as cheap as you’ll get without going to a non-Lotus specialist which I wouldn’t do

But my mind isn’t for changing - at the moment the worry is outweighing the pleasure by some way (for instance it briefly developed the 5500rpm misfire on saturday) so it has to go…

Even if the VXT has similar problems - which I don’t think it will as my 2.2 VX had a couple of small problems but that was it - the difference is I will have 3 years worth of warranty and a big dealer network to back me up


Agree with everyone else - don’t do it - you’ve already suffered all the pain!

Exhaust is NOT a clam off job - just the diffuser, but somewhat difficult without a 4 post car lift! In other words, your local friendly spanner man in the railway arches can do it for you - allow 1 hour for the job.


I’ve just replaced my standard exhaust, as far as I can tell, there was nothing wrong with box it had done 14000miles. It was going in the bin, so if you want it you can have for the cost of postage.

I changed the exhaust myself with the car on ramps, not an easy job took several hours and I need a spare pair of hands at times. If your going to do it, start spraying the WD40 now.

Send a mail if you want it.



I know how you feel, In just over 3 months of having mine Id say its been off the road for probably 5 weeks in all which has been a total pain at times as I do rely on it as everyday transport.

I too have been thinking about selling mine and have looked at a couple of VX Turbos. At the end of the day its a lot of money to shell out each month if you cant rely on it and keep thinking whats going to break next.

Mines going to be off the road again for few days as the oil filters decided to weld itself to the housing when I was trying to remove it…

BUT… I know if I sold it Id deeply regret it as there are no other cars out there that really interest me.

It would be a shame if you do sell it though. Think about the options and as Randy said find a country road to drive down

The exhaust can be done on ramps but I think you might be better getting a local garage to do it, as you’ll probably end up swearing at your car a lot (as I normally do), and then when you get it back all fixed you’ll love her again and might think about keeping it


I replaced the exhaust myself (like Kerry) and I can say without ramps it was more difficult.
Still, I have to take it off every once in a while to repack it, and it takes me a couple of hours overall now (while it’s off, I wash all the insides as well )

And there you have Kerry’s offer. Book a couple hours from your local garage and they’ll change it.

Don’t sell.

Kerry you have a PM

It’s not a job I can do myself (the exhaust) but I have a mate at work who races Mini Sevens and his mechanic (brother) can do it for me

Much as I would like to say you guys could persuade me to keep it, it’s not going to happen - I have made my decision now. The best thing you can do for me is tell all your friends that there’s a lovely black Exige with all the work done on it up for sale!!

Turbo - Gutted to hear it as I’ve had a few issues with mine but having done trackdays in this and several other Lotus’s (sp??) I wouldn’t have anything else.

I probably wouldn’t want to live with mine as a daily drive but as a trackday tool and a B road blaster it’s the best thing ever !!!

I might know a man who’s interested so could you send me full spec to [email protected] .net and I’ll send it onto him.

As for SELOC and it’s not an unfriendly place I promise but with 3500 regietered posters it’s gonna have a few people that you wouldn’t pick as your friends

Anyway that’s not the point of your post so like I said gutted your selling and if you can’t be persuaded otehrwise I’ll try to help.


I also have worked on the exhaust many times and I have no ramps or jack…

What you need is a few wooden planks - scaffolding type or similar - lay them down to form a gradually ascending ramp and back up onto them - plenty of room, and safe as houses…

Best tip is to spray all the bolts with WD40 or plusgas before you start, and then leave them for at least an hour…

Good luck

TT - indeed sad news matey. Sleep on it a few nights and Im sure things will look brighter Like your best, ever girlfriend, you’ll be comparing whatever you get in the future and they will fall short

Know what you mean sold two of my kids and a kidney to buy mine and keep it on the road - well worth the sacrifice

Keep us posted whatever you decide but, for crissakes…DON’T DO IT

Sad to hear yor resolution TT.

But let me tell you this.
I did yesterday one of these corporate track days. Was invited by a friend, they were organizing it for some clients but there were some cancellations so, was I up for some free track time on a sigle seater? (and MGTF, 4x4 and skidpad).
It was all fun, but let’s say that I would never buy an MGTF, not even for my wife, only because it’s waay smaller than an Elise inside and just could not drive it properly.

Now, the surprising part was the single seater. The power to weight felt about the same as the Exige, but the singleseater felt lighter on the turns (and I know, it’s kind of detuned for those trackdays).
Was was amazing was that the dynamics of turning, holding the turn, sliding, correcting the slide and spinning (oh yes! ) were exactly the same as on the Exige.
Only the Exige had more grip (understandable, with the Yoko 48’s and the singleseater with those school-hard tyres).

And this brought me to admire more my Exige.
It’s not a bad car, really. To equal its dynamics you will have to compare it with a proper racecar.

If you sell it, I bet you that in a few years down the road you’ll buy one again.


I had a few problems when I first purchased the Exige nearly a year ago, but now all it costs is services and tyres.

Keep the Exige - and think of all of the depreciation you won’t be losing compared to other cars!


The exhaust is yours whether your keeping the car or not, but I think you’ve been unlucky. I’ve had mine since March so far 5000miles and just an oil change, after I got all the worn out bits on the front suspension fixed. I expect to spend about the same amount keeping the car running as I would normally be spending on depreciation. So yes running costs will be a bit high but overall costs will be similar to any other �20k car. I can’t think of another car I could buy without topping �100k, that would get the same interest, attention or give the same experience.


TT, yours has been a baptism of fire. But having spent all that money sorting out what was basically your error and not the cars in not checking the oil, you should at least get your money’s worth. I’ve read your post on the VX board and honestly we aren’t a bad bunch it’s just been a difficult birth that’s all…