CL5+ Pads

As mentioned in another thread, I tried these pads for the first time on track at Anglesey last weekend.

I will not be replacing them with like for like! They do not have the same stopping power as PFs, plus they’ve left a worrying deposit on my NEW AP discs.

I was potentially going to swap from RS14s to these based on forum commentry…seems like I should take what I read with a pinch of salt…?

Pesky - Other than disk deposits (which I’ve not had in 20+ track days) with RS14s how would you say the PF compare wrt stopping power / fade resistance ?


[quote=Mr Pesky]As mentioned in another thread, I tried these pads for the first time on track at Anglesey last weekend.

I will not be replacing them with like for like! They do not have the same stopping power as PFs, plus they’ve left a worrying deposit on my NEW AP discs.



I haven’t used RS14s for a while, but iirc they were somewhat “better” than the CL5+ on track. To date, I reckon the PFs are best I’ve used, but they do produce a lot of dust, which should be promptly cleaned off the wheels.


Started off with RS14’s. Great on track but pad transfer problem after awhile.

Moved to CL5+'s. Left said deposit on discs aslo.

Now moved back to RS14’s.

Will try new RS15’s next.

Have found a good engineering firm that can skim the discs for �10 each. Thats just remove the deposits and the smallest poss amount of metal to a good standard.


What are the CL6 like? But it does look like I will be sticking to PF for the moment

Interesting, on standard calipers but AP295 discs, I’ve used RS14’s which I didn’t particularly like, caused one set of discs to warp slightly, and not very good bite from cold. I moved onto CL5+ and found them far, far better in terms of cooler bite exceptionally good for road use with standard 2 pots. On track I find they can go off on circuits such as Oulton with several heavy stops, one after another. Not had the pad transfer than Pesky has though but they do squeal like a stuck pig, so I have fitted a backing anti-squeal pad to stop that!

I will not move from PF’s they are consistantly excellent! Dust is not an issue if you can be bothered to clean it off, in the dry this is! In the wet however it’ll sludge up and cause all sorts of issues in my experience after pro longed use.

I hate to be REALLY boring… but the Pagid RS42’s are a great ‘all round’ Pad!

NO transfer, not much dust, great stopping power ONCE warm, wooden when cold!

Over 3 years, no negatives at all :slight_smile:

And I DO brake late!!! :smiley:

I had similar deposits on my discs with the CL5 … although it took longer for them to show up, they were fine at first …

When we put the PF97 pads on we cleaned up the disc surface to try and rid the deposits with some rough emery paper and after that and few 120mph + stops to bed them in they worked no problems.

I have the CL RC5+ pads all round after reading how good they were. On the road they seemed much better than the RS14’s I had before and seem to give a better bite.
However on track it was the first time I have ever really felt my brakes falling short and not giving enough stopping power. At first I thought it was because I had become a driving god but it seems it may just be the pads :frowning:
Off to look for deposits… on my disks obvoiusly.

From my experience’s

RS14’s - Far too grabby for the front and unsettle the car too much in the braking zones, by the time you get off the brakes your going 5mph slower than you want to be and they leave horrible deposits which make the brakes judder badly (only the fronts are affected by this), if you get juddery front brakes off the 14’s and your using standard discs just swap the front discs to the back which will clean them up for you (no need for skimming…). Obviously change your front pads aswell for something different at the same time…

RC5+ - Absolute rubbish! I took them out after 1/2 an hour of putting them in on track after bad pad fade from them (i should know better than to listen to people on the internet… LoL) cant be arsed to try the 6’s

RS-42 (blue) Great all round pad for road and track, I have used them for years on all of my cars and one I would continue to use had I not tried the PF’s. Its a shame because Pagid do the ‘Orange’ Pad in their range which is one up from the ‘Blue’ and an even better pad but they dont do them in elise/exige sizes for either 2 or 4 pot… Bummer!

PF’s - Well what can i say… A revelation in brake pads. Work from cold and give a fantastic feed back and a really good modulation feel on the pedal (especially when your rolling back off them). Cost is better than Pagid. Problem as everyone knows is that they can be so dusty when first put in and even worse if your bedding them in the wet the dust sticks like shit to a blanket (thats wrong actually at least shit comes off when you wash the blanket unlike the dust off PF’s in the wet!!)

Despite the down sides the PF’s are by far the best pad I have used for the front brakes…

Nice write up Gav.

Yep brake disks are covered in deposits, good job I only went for cheapies this time round.


Not the first reported case of disc deposits on these CL pads, but a more extreme case here:

I won’t be putting any CL pads on my car even if they are free!

That’s something I’ll be doing tomorrow - after I’ve collected a set of PFs from John(JSR), whilst he’ll be on his way up to Blackpool. Big thanks to John for going beyond the normal course of duty to sort the PFs for me :smiley:

All I need to do is remember to put them in the van and drop them off!!!

Do you want me to remind you at 10.30am? :smiley:

Scotchbrite pad may work well cleaning your discs Mr.P .
Available from paint factors …

Cheers JFK - intend going to local Homebase in any event to get the emery paper, soi I’ll suss out the Scotcbrite too. :smiley:

Rob - have you tried any of the wheel sealant products? They’re supposed to make cleaning that much easier and may stop the dust from actually sticking.