Chrome Orange S2 N/A Track Build

Nothing really much to report. Car hasn’t been touched since Croft.

Did take it to Blyton yesterday and bagged myself some afternoon track time. Car handles fantastic, managed to learn some throttle feathering mid corner to help rotation that I actually learned and practiced on Gran Turismo before real life!
Surprised to say it actually worked a treat.

What I can confirm is my brake pads are shot. I’ve been using Pagid RS14 which have been decent but had no real bite, and this is by far the weakest part of the car now.

Any one recommend some savage track pads for me? Don’t care about noise or road use. Cheers!

My vote is firmly for CL-RC6! They were next-level for bite and stopping power - if I’d kept my S2 I would be installing RC6 without question for the next forever… :+1:t2:


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Thanks both! Will research them.

Also been recommended some PBS ones can’t remember which version.

Think I’m gonna leave the car pretty much parked up over winter, apart from the odd spirited drive or meet up.

I’m thinking if tidying up my interior and removing some bits I don’t need.

I’m going to take the plain main part of the dash out to wrap on alcantara, has anyone done this before? Looks relatively simple but don’t want to suffer from missing any obscure screws or something!…

It’s fairly straightforward, but yes there are screws hidden in a few places.

From memory, front speaker grilles off and then there are screws facing upwards under the lip of the aluminium extrusion.

Steering wheel surround off, dash pod out.

Then head unit out, and similar there.

Finally the HVAC control pod out and similar there.

On the leading edge where the glass meets the body it’s just locator pins, so once screws are out it’s a case of lift up and back.


Is this for the full dash? Or just the pale piece in the centre area?

Yeah the top panel all comes out as one

Perfect give that a bash! Thanks :+1:t3:

Thanks for the tips Kyle, got the dash out yesterday. Relatively straight forward in the end, surprised how many little variety of screws there are, and also how much the oem steering wheel weighs.

Going to go about flocking everything now, if anyone has any recommendations as to what product is known as good then please speak up!

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Looking forward to see the results :+1:t2:

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Taken loads of Elise/Exige dashes out and it still stresses me out to see it all dismantled.

Good luck!

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Good luck and interested to see the results.

I need to replace the top dash trim (banana shaped under the windscreen) as its started to lift up on the passenger side. So I’ll be joining you soon with a dash out.

If your feeling keen once your dash is out I don’t mind you demoing how to take mine out …

Worth doing then, mine hasn’t lifted but was fed up of the 2 tone and how dirty it kept getting. I’m debating whether to take more bits off, will let you know how it goes.

It was a lot easier than I was expecting to be honest, although I’m sure in a few weeks time after a few more sleeps I’ll have forgotten how it goes back in! :joy:

And why you have 1x screw extra :smile:

Adding lightness.

Half tempting to take more out now actually, including that heavy radio that I can’t even hear over the exhaust

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So those with an aftermarket steering wheel, I’m hoping to be treated one for xmas.

What else do I need? What boss kits do people recommend and also are the snap off kits any good?

Any opinions are welcomed!