Chrome Orange S2 N/A Track Build

Hi all,

New to the group, bought my first and current Lotus Feb last year standard from Jon Seal. Slowly but surely turning it more and more track focused. Will update to where I am at! Here it was on collection.


Hi Jake,

Welcome to the group!

Nice car! I see you got the fastest color!

Looking forward to see the mods on the car.

Thankyou! It’s a great colour that’s for sure, I 100% wanted a bright colour.

First thing I wanted to do was go through the suspension. So I had all the arms taken off and powder coated. Whilst everything was off I changed…

  • Nitron spherical solid suspension bushes
  • Powerflex solid engine and gearbox mount
  • Black series roll bar bushes
  • New oem discs with Pagid RS14 pads
  • Spitfire Toe links

Car instantly was so much more solid after this work, a real difference

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First track day at Blyton was great fun, so agile compared to my last car (E92 M3)


More pics of the suspension refresh

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Bit of a Gran Turismo fan myself so made myself a sunstrip! Not to everyone’s taste but I love it.

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Your car! Do what you like! :slight_smile:

Great intro posts BTW.

Doing a bit of a suspension refresh myself!

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Thankyou :smiley: yeah we all need our little unique bits don’t we.

Can’t beat some basic suspension work, tired old bushes feel so sloppy to drive with.

Agreed, problem is the exige seems to mask most things well. If you dont know what a new one feels like your not going to know whats missing!

Absolutely, I think the turn in wasn’t as crisp as I’d like so this is the main area I was working on first.

I assume you have had it re geo’d once back together?

Some good old school noise next. Was far too quiet for my liking. I really wanted to hear the 2ZZ sing at high revs, it’s a key part of the experience so I wanted it nice and loud. Sadly I lost the pics of the manifold, but I changed the full OEM system with a new 2bular manifold with matching decat U pipe, joined onto another 2bular backbox for a 1ZZ. I love the dual tip exit. Got myself a rear panel delete too to finish it off nicely!

Sounds unreal, and surprisingly passing the noise tests on track. EML now on but who cares!

Snapped up these next, couldn’t miss out on them. And that set the theme for the carbon bits which will be revealed shortly!

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Over the Autumn of last year these Nitrons came up on eBay, had to be straight in to get them. High demand for anything like these second hand I’ve found out.

I think I know what model they are, but nitron haven’t got back to me yet with the confirmation. Anyone know for sure which spec they are??

Either way they are awesome and again gave me a hugely noticeable transformation:laughing:

Cadwell was awesome in this with the suspension changes.


Welcome, good start :+1:

Next up. Carbon front Reverie splitter. Followed by another blyton track day.


Cadwell again, wet morning and dry afternoon. First time driving aggressive in the wet and I didn’t like it at all, zero confidence and slipping all over the place. Got a feeling it was a combination of the tyre I was using not getting any heat and the ultra slippery greasy surface. Car came alive in the afternoon which was good! Tyres were AO48’s at this moment.

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More carbon! Some side pods :grin:

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Have a check of the date codes of your tyres. If they’re A048’s you may be shocked how old they are!