Change of second car for 2005??

OK, so the other half is away, the Aussie V8 coverage on MotorsTV has finished and I am bored. Thinking that I might chop the LupoGTi in for something else this year and started looking about at alternatives. Here are your criteria:

Usage : The daily 20min London commute plus ready for long distance national & European trips.
Type : Preferably RWD with nice tractable power.
Practicality OK so it has to be more practical than the Exige for me to get exec approval (tho’ that does not rule out much ). Has to be comfortable and able to swallow shopping and luggage for 2 for a fortnight away.
Budget : Between �20-30k.

Here are my current contenders:

The “barely more practical than the Exige” option
Has to be a Clio V6-255. Seem to be a bit of a bargain at the moment like this one. Two black mid-engined cars on the drive would be kinda cool huh

The “maybe a bit bling for me” option
BMW M3 - I used to have an MCoupe and just love that S54 engine. Main dealer cars are in budget just like this one

which on 18" rims looks a bit less bling. CSL’s look like a brgain as well for what was a �60k car now low-miler for circa �40k

The “classic’ish” option
Always liked the 968CS and this looks like a corker.

Anyone know any better???

Just a bit of fun really (just in case my other half read this )

You’ll laugh (or cringe!), but I’d go for a Skoda Octavia RS, & save �10K to �15K.

Land Rover Defender TDI 300

But Pesky it’s FWD.

Now I know they’re 4WD (which is perhaps a little closer to RWD), but have you considered a S4 (less bling than an M3) or a Scooby.

OR, what about one of those V*&Xha@# Monaros, RWD, loads of grunt and if you wait a few months they’ll have depreciated to virtually free!

But perhaps the closest to your list, a 330d. LOTS of “tractable power”/torque, Q-car, cheaper to run, low depreciation, some of the EVO mob even prefer it to the M3! There’s a black touring version, with black leather and the sports wheels and suspension in the dealer up the road from me for �25k (my ultimate family wagon).


ps. And surely a diesel would easily get past the other half’s criteria!

FWD, yeah, I know that Ian, but I can’t stand Beemers, & with the change you could buy quite a few luxuries

True, 10k on track days would keep you going!



Isnt the renault FWD ??

anyway, if you can afford to run an E46 M3 as a daily driver then i don’t think there would be much point looking elsewhere…


Ben is on about a V6 mid engined thing - Which is still French and therefore

i guess it would be a bit daft if it was FWD?

i guess it would be a bit daft if it was FWD?

Especially as they moved the engine to the back of the car for the V6!


That would be funny going for a test drive hearing the engine spinning away behind you and torque-steering out of the first junction The engine in the V6 now occupies all the space where practical things like passengers and luggage went in the original car…gonna have trouble selling that one to the exec me thinks

Ian, I hear you about the 330d,…and the S4, used to have an S3 and found it a bit anodyne (Audi do have the best interiors tho).

Rox, who said anything about being able to afford it Probably not gonna happen to mid-year but contemplation and test drives is a big part of the fun…

Maybe just run the LupoGTi out for a bit…

Forgot to add that I know too many Aussie guys to ever contemplate a Monaro,…they would make my life miserable.

Have you ever seen one?? They are bloody huge

I would probably go for a Mazda RX8 or a Focus RS

Another vote for the Mazda RX-8 here.

Me too, just spotted one on the way home and don’t know I didn’t think of it before.

Or there’s the Chrysler Hemi, alot of car for �30k(new!)…if it wasn’t for the fact that you don’t want big or bling!


Clio 182 and save �17k? Or how about new golf GTI -scooby wrx estate with prodrive pack vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv quick and can take all the luggage you need! only �23k

Don’t know but RX8 just does not ring my bell styling wise, guess I should have a drive.

I plan to have a go in a Clio 182, hot hatches do make me drive like a hooligan tho I did want something with a bit of stonk,…missing the Mcoupe days.

Stop Press : I have found the answer!! Practical, plenty of space, within budget and the biggest benefit is wherever I go…the Exige can come too!!! Check it out!!

Don’t think it would fit on the drive tho

Or looking at it another way, it’s a mobile garage/guest house!

“LISA! What’daya think?!”


LOL Anybody thinking of a trailer for 2005 should consider this instead,…plus it could operate as Exige HQ at trackdays serving tea and bacon sarnies for exigers Come on somebody has to have room for it…

That’s very nice! (but I’ll have to paint it in something different , and change curtains

I immediately thought of it as a central point for the Exigers at trackdays/hospitality thing and it would be great to start racing!

I am in the process of buying a house with 3/4 of an acre of land, so the space is there.
Pity I’m already over my budget