car ramps/jacks

need to lift the car up to get at the exhaust just wondering what peoples prefered method was ramps or jacks/axle stands ? anyone had any issues with either? i was moving towards ramps anyone whos got ramps could u tell me where you got them from and approx cost
many thanks in advance

Ramps is your best bet! Halfords do them, they say only up to 195 wheels or something but that’s OK, thay’ll support the car fine and dandy

I think they were about �30 so not much at all and easily available, at standard ride hight you should have no issues with the nose on the ground.

thanks mate

Having had more reason than most to gain access to the exhaust, I’ve found ramps to be easiest + quickest. One proviso - position the rear edge of the ramps against a small edge ( I use the small step at the garage entrance) or when I needed the car inside the garage, I drilled a couple of holes and rawl-plugged screws into the cement. The Exige/Elise tends to nudge the ramps backwards when you’re half-way up the slope. With the diffuser off, access is amazing - wish all cars were like that!

thought that might be a problem good idea to stop it i’ll try that

Yep, can confirmt hat! Get them drilled into the floor if poss!!! If it doens’t spit it out backwards then it can “suck” then forwards so you ideally need them attached to the floor

Or carpet the garage floor that stops them moving and keeps your back warm

I have one of Geary’s low level jacks which is excellent… no need for blocks of wood under the wheels before you jack the car up .

I got me a low entry ali one which is very nice and save a lot of hassle, but they’re pretty expensive so I’d only say worth it if you do quite a lot of work yourself…

Otherwise ramps should sort you out pretty much the rest of the time

Or, you could just get a chep Halfords jack (that is a bit too tall) and modify it.
I took the “cup” from the top and replaced it with a thin bit of wood. Result: about 1 inch lower.
I also changed the little wheels for smaller ones, but there was no real need.

“Machine Mart” do a low entry trolley jack for about �30 - I’ve borrowed Jaycee’s a few times & it’s purfick

Once you’ve seen the Edwardz one you won’t want any others! Go on boys, post a pic!


Do you mean the little scissor jack, with the welded bit on the end?

Nothing about the monster I am talking about is small…other than its minimum height - woof!

Ah, you mean this one then


Um no…but inteeeeeresting!

That’s excellent, IWOOT!

Now, need to find who distributes those things in the UK!

OK, Machinemart has one:


They’re very cool… But not cheap

I’m avin one of those Badgers as soon as I get my garage completed. Saw them a while ago and fell in lust