car ramps/jacks

With ramps either bolt them down or tie a piece of rope/strong material to the lead run of the ramps and place under path of front wheels when reversing, stops it moving. Had a hairy one once, when backed up, got out, and noticed the front of one ramp pointing at 45 degrees, this will stop that!

Does anyone jack up on to axle stands? If so how do you go about it?

centre jacking point… jack car up… place axle stand under front/rear jacking point (remove undertrays tho’)… let the jack down onto the axle stands… repeat other side.

that’s what i do anyway…

thx Rox…I’m on the journey so excuse my ignorance! So
1…on average how long does it take to remove the undertrays
2. do you need to go front to back, middle first, what?

mostly I haven’t needed to remove front tray… the jacking point is at the front of the chassis rail.

At the rear the undertray takes about 5 minutes to remove at the most.

With the jacking, you have to jack up in the centre first (jacking point A I think it is in th emanual) just under the door… then you can choose to put axle stand under front or rear or both depending upon what it is you actually want to do. I don’t think th eorder matters.