Cable throttle blippers

Hello all.

Does anyone have any experience of a auto blipper on a cable throttle s2 2zz? I do not want to convert to DBW at the minute.

Have experience of an auto blipper on a cable throttle other engine.
It’s doable, but not great.
And you would need air. Lots of air.
What are you trying to achieve?

Flat shifts up and down on a cable throttle without having to go DBW!

Your H pattern gearbox will not like that at all!
Fine with a sequential. Hmm. Sort of.
Very spendy to buy and keep going.
But it would be good to see you every few trackdays to remove, refurb and refit it.

Are you saying that DBW conversion would be best?

I appreciate that a sequential is rather more maintenance intensive

Flat up shift with an H pattern gearbox, it will hate you, whether DBW or throttle cable. They really aren’t designed to do that.
Try it on your daily?

DBW, proper sequential, ECU to control everything - flat shift, downshift blip, gear hold depending on throttle lift time, downshift on demand vs revs, the list is endless really.

It won’t be for the h pattern.

Strictly sequential only.

I have the ECU to cope, I see the blippers are out there for the cable applications.

I wanted to stay with cable if possible and incorporate the sequential.

Everything is doable, depending on budget, gearbox, blipper to suit your ECU/gearbox.
Air is expensive just for a downshift.
What gearbox are you thinking of?

The quaife sequential one John : Lotus / Toyota 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit (C64) - Quaife


Ah jeez… why did you have to mention sequentials!?!
[begins daydream]

Any sequential is very much like a puppy - it’s not just for Christmas.
They need lots of mapping, ECU to do it’s thing, if it can. Annual - at least - attention
It’s mega on the road. Yes, but no. On it, great. Everytime else it’s really bad. It’s like just passing your test, and unable to decide which gear to be in and having no throttle control.
Track days, tow your car there, a few local blasts, as a 2nd/3rd/4th car yeah, epic.

This is kinda where I am at John. It’s getting ready to be my second car. So out for weekend blasts, sunny evenings and track days.

I have moved to a more rural place too.

ECU is capable as confirmed by SCS
Mapping is doable

Wanted flat shift up and clutch less down changes.

Quaife reckon check at 12000mi intervals, unless you know otherwise? Happy to be corrected by you here as you will know real life rather than theoretical!

Wow, 12,000 miles would be nice. The gearbox will tell you as soon as it’s not happy, mainly by not doing what you are telling it to do. It’s all in the mapping to protect the gearbox and engine.
We had one in that rejected 4th some of the time. We replaced lots of things and it was betterer. Then replaced a couple of other things and it was betterer again. In the end we ended up with the gearbox sat on the 4 post ramp ‘driving’ it with a 1/2 inch electric driver, with extended air lines for the shifter to prove it was working before refitting to the car. Fingers crossed it’s all good at the moment. But that gearbox was in and out of the car 3 times, and stripped/built/dummy built probably 20 times to get to that point. Turned out it was a combination of issues, that meant it was never going to work properly as delivered to us.
If you really, really want to go with one, a hall effect sensor is a must for the barrel, ask SCS if they can deal with this? Are you thinking of lever or paddles, and which can SCS cope with? You need to factor in an override so that if anything shits itself, you can still change gear with clutch, etc. Do you have a mapper guy that can set it all working, and what does he prefer/require to make everything work amicably? The last bit is probably the most important bit, as if he’s not happy working with the hardware, then the result is going to be not happy.
Never dealt with an electric throttle blipper, but the air ones seem to do the job, just, but bulky. Need to be closed loop ideally, so they can match revs on a downshift. Up shift easy with a ignition cut. Have a read on geartronics website to see the issues.
In all honesty, a sequential will make you laugh every time you use it in anger, but piss you off when you just want to get home. In 6k miles with my I30, I’ve probably used the ‘manual’ part of it for less than 500 miles.
Still properly giggle when I do though!!

@JDS Your input is invaluable thanks.

Yep, mailed them last week :+1:

Lever only. It’s a limitation of my SCS delta 800. The 880 supports flappy paddles but doesn’t interest me

Yeah, I have spoken at length about this with Paul at RSTuning. He is happy to go ahead.

His preference is money to make everything work amicably.


It’s more me thinking about things with the auto / air blipper rather than going for a DBW conversion which would be easier.

I have closed loop wideband fitted too.

What is his suggestion for throttle blipper?

Or is it your foot?

Do a DBW conversion.

I don’t trust myself with my foot.

I want the drivability of a cable though. I prefer it over DBW

He’s right really. DBW if you don’t trust your foot, is totally adjustable. After you try it, you won’t go back.
Downside is that it’s probably cheaper to change car than swap loom, pedal, throttle body, etc

Yeah, that’s my fear.

I really, really did this car the hard way…

Hence blipper instead of DBW.

What do SCS suggest?

They haven’t specifically.

I said I was looking into DBW.

I’ll mail them and ask if they can recommend a cable throttle solution,