Brakes disc replacement... Again!

Sorry guys, I’ve had a search and can find plenty of info on the ali belled discs…

…But I was also looking at EBC Turbo Groove what’s its… Very good price from Hangar 111.

Now this is it, how much do the ali belled jobbies cost BOTTOM line! And is it really honestly recommended to do all 4 discs?

I just don’t wanna go haemogering loads of cash just yet

Has anyone used the EBC’s? FWIW I’ve never liked EBC pads but never tried their discs…

Mark, fitted EBC discs all round with Pagid RS42’s. For the price I can’t complain.
Just done Rockingham, very heavy on brakes and no issues.
Take a look at Croft if you like.

Will do… Think I’ll squeeze the last of life out of my fronts and then think about it

I’m seriously considering Plans Ali belled set-up. They have the correct width and are AP 295mm dia disks.

Only problem was a pair at the front are just over �500. Rather more than they quoted on the website (otherwise I’d have ordered them already).



If you can’t stretch to Ali belled brakes then the EBC turbo grooves are fine… cheap cheerfull cast iron jobs. I’m going to get a set for daily running with Mintex 1144 pads.

Many of S_E use EBC discs and i’ve not heard any complaints.

Also nothing at all to stop you only doing one axle at a time if you convert to ally-belled brakes.

Ok, good to know… There’s mixed reports about them on SELOC… Some people find em fine, others say they trash them in no time…

I also tried to speak to Stu at Muts Nuts and his collegue said there’s some bells there but doesn’t know if they’re for sale…

Otherwise I could try and get some made up locally… scratches chin


Im looking at upgrading my brake set up too. E-mailed Stu a few weeks back and he said he didnt have any bells left for the S1 and wouldnt be making any more up

Was just going to go for the elise-parts setup instead. If you reckon you can get some bells made up else where for cheaper then let me know coz i would def be interested



I think so… Dunno if stu will be willing to give up his drawings but if not then I can take a standard disc as a measurement for thickness and PCD and then the data off of for the AP discs…

Or the other suitable disc is

One has a 14mm air gap and the other a 9.3mm… I’d be tempted to do the 9.3 for a stronger thicker disc and get some ducting to the inside of the bells to aid cooling…

But will keep you posted!

Should also be getting a final price on the CF undertray in the next week or so…

No probs - give me a shout if you manage to get something sorted at reasonable cost. Got to get rid of the original brake setup as it’s starting to give me heart failure on occasion

Do you know what the air gap on the eliseparts disks are by any chance?

If you guy’s like i can get some made up here in SA, have discussed these with Ian, and can post some pictures. They might be cheaper if there are a few sets and i can send them to one person in the UK and he can distribute to yourselves would save on shipping. Just a thought i don’t want to make money out of them it would be cost plus shipping.

Price before shipping could be as low as 60 pounds i will have to check and work out some shipping but should be cheap as they are light.

Mark, I believe these are the 295mm ones that Plans sell with their ali hub set-up - (9.3mm air gap)

Apparently they’re the Lotus Motorsport ones. AP say they’re about �115(+VAT), about �30(+VAT) cheaper than the CP3124s, which have a slightly bigger pad depth (if you were going to use bigger pads).

At those costs, it makes Plans bells and fixings about �130 each.



That’s per pair I assume?

Even still, makes EBC’s seem cheap to just eat 'em up as consumables…

Unless there’s proof that these last a lot longer or something (excluding bling factor here )…

Sadly not Mark.

ive just had some new eliseparts allybells they seem ok and there not that much. they seem good value, but im not sure what others think of them?

Too thin. I think it’s quite important to keep the thickness of the original items. It helps a lot with pedal firmness.


Apparently they’re the Lotus Motorsport ones. AP say they’re about �115(+VAT), about �30(+VAT) cheaper than the CP3124s, which have a slightly bigger pad depth (if you were going to use bigger pads).


Are those prices per disc?

I believe so.

I did discuss buying some recently for ‘some people we trust’ to create a hub for.

I was also going to talk to Plans again, as �130 each for the hubs and fittings doesn’t seem quite right.


Ian did you have any more progress with getting some hubs made up?

Jason - if the offer still stands i would be interested in getting some bells made up by your guy in SA.

Desperatly need to get my brakes changed/uprated and dont want to go with the eliseparts setup from what i’ve read.



All I can say is that I’ve gone for some EBC’s… And they… Erm… OK… I can still get enough feel to stop properly and under punishment they seem to be lasting OK, but when cold they’ve certainly not got the same kind of “bite” that I got used to with the RS-14’s and lotarse…

No problem Scott, i have 1 set basically in stock, i had it made up for the rears when i replace them eventually. I will upload some photo’s of them tomorrow.

My girlfriend is going over to the UK to visit her sister, propably mid July so i could send them with her and they can be collected from someone nearby and distributed. I had some made up for Logan at the same time and we fitted the 295mm discs with std calipers and it was perfect.

Cost wise it will be exchange rate dependant but at current rate +/- 50 pounds each and hopefully no shipping which would be great.