brake upgrade, what to get???

ive got ap 295 discs on the front with pagid rs14 pads and some ebc rubbish on the back. I was thinking of putting the front standard calipers on the rear with the 295 ap’s from the front as i have the motorsport rear up rights the front calipers fit straight on, then im not sure what to put on the front? I was thinking 4 pot ap calipers and ap 304 discs again with pagid rs14 pads but ive been told it will end up with a long brake peddle? Ive brought a brake bias valve ready and in using standard front alloy up rights. Whats peoples thoughts? Geary seems to think use his smaller ap 4 pots on the back and the elise parts bigger 4 pots (ep tuning caliper) on the front and sell the standard front calipers on? Any helpfull advise is welcome.


Whatever you do, fit the Motorsports brake master cylinder/reservoir (& seperate clutch reservoir) - Russ Gibbons at the factory is yer man :wink:.

Also, if it’s to be road legal, you need to think about a handbrake for MOT purposes.

Next week I’ll be building up my car again, ready for Time Attack. I’m using AP 4 pots on the front and EP Tuning 4 pots on the rear. 304mm fully floating AP discs front and rear. RS14’s, Ap bias valve, Lotus Motorsport master cylinder.
We’re also fitting a little spot caliper so it can remain road legal.

Should be the ultimate, but we’ll see.

not to bothered about the handbrake mate. i called lotus motorsport and they dont have any master cylinders left so ive been given the part number to get it off AP. How does the extra reservoir fit on for the clutch? Anyone got any photo’s?

There you go, Chris:

My master cylinder took an age to arrive. If they haven’t got any you could try Maidstone Sports Cars as I think they may have ordered a couple.

icheers for the pics. Im getting a price now for a front 4 pot brake kit to use an ap 308mm disc.

Cl pads seem to be the new benchmark for pads

im sticking with pagid pads, on that has anyone used the pagid rs15 pads? They any better than rs14 as they appear to be if you read about them. They come in the Elise/Exige sizes

Stick with AP callipers. The EP ones are made by Hi-Spec and in my opinion are totally shit in every way. Look at all of the trouble everyone had with the 2 pot EP handbrake calliper everyone bought.

Nothing against EP, its Hi-Spec that make a truely crap product.

Look at any proper race car, it will have AP or Brembo brake callipers. End of Story!!

4 pot fronts, 2 pot rears, 304mm fronts, 295mm rears Motorsport master cylinder, bias valve on the rear brakes. Job Jobbed!!!

Performance Friction Pads are the best pads I have ever used.


Don’t sit on the fence Sean! :smiley:

100% correct, as usual… :slight_smile:

You know me Pesk, if I have tried something and have first hand experiance of a product, good or bad, then I am happy to pass on my experiances. Don’t want others making the same mistakes I did!



Whilst on the subject of pads…& before Benja cacks himself…what’s the best way to remove PF deposits from the wheels, & how do I minimise this in future? I was somewhat shocked to see the wheels on Sunday, after Saturday’s fun at Oulton!


PS I think the wheels may need a re-furb! :frowning:

Thats clear then Sean! :smiley:

Hi Chris any chance you can post the AP part number for the motorsport master cylinder buying it from AP and what price they were quoting, Ta
thanks for the Pic’s Pesky neat looking instal and does away with the zip tie many Elises came out the factory with
cheers Hamish

Cheers Hamish

All fettling down to the wonderful Edwardz Boyz - I’m bloody useless!

Yeah if is there is any downside to the PF pads, then the running them in the wet does leave some pretty stubborn brake dust on the wheels.

Get your back into it matey!!!

Master of understatement. I plan to conincide wet trackdays when the car is due at JSR coz Sean is really good at getting them clean :wink:

Has anyone contacted PF to see if there is some chemical formula that would dissolve the baked on lava created with wet use? I’m not being a GJOB but the time it took me to get them clean will force me to look at using something else unless there is a way of preventing/cleaning after wet use. There’s always a downside as they are fab otherwise…

[quote=Benja]I’m not being a GJOB but the time it took me to get them clean will force me to look at using something else unless there is a way of preventing/cleaning after wet use. There’s always a downside as they are fab otherwise…


Has anybody tried spraying wheels with silicone or even light coating of oil (come to think of it that will burn off)

Do the Wheel Cleaner sprays from Halfrauds do any good?