Bosch Motorsport M4 ABS

Hi there, we are currently building a track car for next season (S1) and looking at installing the above kit. Its a bit pricey so before we begin searching is there anything else out there people have fitted? or should we be looking at retro fitting a lotus 4 channel ABS?

thanks in advance for any help


I have no experience of the above but can’t say I’ve ever missed no-ABS on circuit. Indeed I recall that some S2 guys remove the fuse on circuit…this may be to do with ice-mode???

thanks, i’ve always deleted it too!
however, rather than go down a power route we are trying to get the most out of the car and believe a proper motorsport ABS system is a solid investment for qualy/lap times etc

we’ve just fitted a syvecs S8 which gives us the option of TC but before we install speed sensors i thought i’d ask bout the bosch system as that can be used as part of the TCS too, so only spending once.


Found this and thought it was interesting :

I can understand that it would be of benefit when you’re chasing a time but I love the analogueness (is that a word?) of my S1 with no electronic aids…

thanks, i completely agree about the analogueness! (:)) but i’m now completely sold on technology, the new wave of race derived ECU’s & controllers can add so much to a lap, they’re simply not just knock control anymore.

my friend runs a supported 911 and he swears by the bosch abs kit (i also read that the le mans (i think!) 911 lost 3 seconds a lap when the bosch system failed).

i guess like anything in amature motorsport its a question of what will give you the most gain per £!

for those who might be interested, paddle shift added to the quaife sequential, TC and Map cal switches can be seen…


Mate you need to give us a lot more than one pic!

I’d love to hear more about the car, your plans and pics, lots more pics!!

lol will start a thread…soon!
i can tell you it will be running an EXEDY Hyper carbon-r :wink:

Love it :sunglasses:

Yes start a thread, there’s lots of interest in build/dev threads and lots of experience to tap into.

cheers :slight_smile: will do!

Have been loitering around here for a while picking up info, but build has only recently moved on.
first mapping session primarily just to get paddles sync’d…

Sequentialtastic :sunglasses:

Looking forward to hearing more about the car and your plans for it…are you preparing it for TimeAttack?

Yes :slight_smile:
shakedown at elvington this saturday.

If Jamie and Lee get their cars sorted for next season there’s gonna be some proper exiges action going on in TimeAttack, we’ll have to come down en-masse to cheer you lads on.

Good luck at Elvington…is it a Honda/Audi?

Have spoken with Jamie and scuffers, would be great to see that machine out again!

Car is a genuine Lotus Elise Motorsport :wink: with honda DC5

interesting to see how you get on with the quaife’d K20

Awesome :sunglasses: it will be interesting to see how you go with the Quaife…

If the TA dates works out you should try and come to Anglesey on Good Friday.

quaife was already in the car.
our biggest issue was the fitting the later DBW TB, doubts over room to fit a skunk2, RBR etc manifold meant we needed to fab a plate which seems to have worked.

Funny enough thought about that today, all being well we’ll use that as last test before the season!

(we’ll be running low boost-get my excuse in early :wink:)

So did the car have the K20 conversion with the K20 5-speed Quaife,…not the original Quaife sequential?

Great news about Anglesey you’d be more than welcome bud!

thanks :slight_smile:

it already had the sequential, K20, Rotrex c38-81.