best exhaust

Hi guys,
my exhaust needs to be changed…
What i want is a repackable exhaust and basically i saw 3
different types on the market.

  • eliseparts
  • race speed
  • power speed (the one uldis has)

please comments are welcome to chose the exhaust.


I thought it over and, based on noise, value, look, I decided on the Power speed one. Although not purchased yet.

AndyD has one too. His has mock twin pipes (like the original exhaust), Uldis has an oval end. That’s what I’m going to get, espeically as they now round the lip off to make it look nicer.

Uldis has repacked his more than once and said it was easy.


Thanks Ian.
only a comment for the eliseparts one is missing…

“only a comment for the eliseparts one is missing…”

Its very loud !


depends what you are after but the racespeed side exit pipe seems to be the one to go for performance… ?


depends what you are after but the racespeed side exit pipe seems to be the one to go for performance… ?

I second that - and I did post photos and comments on how to do it earlier this year on the BBS

I’m thinking about the racespeed one, but not with the side exit because i would like to fit a flexible sport cat to follow some rules here in Switzerland. I will need the flexi part with the honda conversion…if it will arrive…

Only a comment from uldis is missing at this point…

thanks a lot guys.

Nicolas, I would try and listen to the Racespeed exhaust if that is possible in your location. Mine is very, very loud, and I am thinking of going back to standard. I wish it was different because of the weight loss, but at track days I have been shown some genorosity recently by the sound meter guys. Just in case you do not get the picture, when I get back from a 20 minute blast, my ears ring for hours! Mike can comment on the difference with a “K”, but with your soon to be Honda, you can expect similar results to me.

and this one?
mumble mumble

Mine is not that loud…

Has got through sound tests at various sprints and also at Oulton recently…

Uncle Pesky has been in my car, and also in Russ’s so his comments would be useful…

Rob ??

and this one?
mumble mumble
Yoshimura Cyclone >

errrmmmm Nic – that looks LOUD !!

Strangley sexy though! I’m drawn to it for some reason??


Strangley sexy though! I’m drawn to it for some reason??


Strangling?? Sex ?? - I can’t see the connection here Ian…

Obviously you are a dark horse

Doh! “STRANGELY sexy…”

I fitted an Elise-parts silenced cat by-pass and final silencer to my Exige and it got rid of all the annoying resonance of the standard system with loads more mid-range as a bonus.Two exit pipes as well-much nicer looking!!

Nicolas…erm…only saw the thread now…the Race Speed has no space for the Cat…a bit tricky over here…remember, we don’t live on an island…
I have an Elise part…had the same probs as Russ…'though was driving a bit longer distances…from Switzerland to the UK and all that…have since then a bit of a problem with me ears…had to change again to the original bit but I’m still looking for another system…Race Line is another alternative…you can choose between repackabable one or not…I have also repacked the Elise one but it has blown all the stuff out by far too fast…mind you, my specs are not what you would call normal anymore…so, that might be one of the reasons…maybe, Phil can say something to it as well…there was a rumour that Geary is gona do a bit of a more silenced one…(Steve mentioned that…)
give me a shout if you want to test the Elise one…

gosh, that was probably the longest thread I wrote and that so early in the moooorning…

I knoe the one from yoshimura would be fxxxing noisy, but
it looks so good, and it is for sure so light! Anyway
if u take a look at this site u will find 3 different exhausts for our Exiges.

Bruno: with a flex sport cat
Racespeed does 2 exhausts, the one with side exit (no cat)
and a “normal style” one, more or less like eliseparts.
I will fit the exhaust with a flex sport cat, but i know that normally sport cat do not reduce noise.
Actually i have one from motoconcept (germany) but now is gone…

Still waiting a comment from uldis!



Uldis will be along in a while - he has been moving house so prolly doesn’t have a WWW connection up yet.

Hi, I’m back! (although with a 56K dial-up)

But I had already answered Nicolas by mail.
It seems he’s getting the Eliseparts one.

It all depends on what you intend to do with the car, but I’m sure he’s got that covered.

I was planning getting the Racespeed one (this is the same as lotus supersports i think?) with a silenced CAT pipe. What would this be like for getting through noise check at circuits?
Thanks for any comments