best exhaust

Hi Nicolas,
I fitted an eliseparts exhaust this weekend, I can confirm that it is very loud!! However I am running a stainless cat by-pass pipe aswell, maybe its a bit quieter with a cat on?? I do think that the tail pipes are too small though, they look a bit lost sticking out the back of the car, and they stick out too far for my liking (about 40mm) I am going to do a bit of cutting and welding and fit an oval I think…In summary sounds great but looks a bit naff!!

Anybody got a price for the yoshi pipe?

trying to get one…

Did you see the posts on the Larini/Moto-build exhaust?


Did you have any joy getting a price / availability on that KMS yoshi exhaust ?

i e-mailed them about it and got a reply back in japanese (which my knowledge is rather limited) but i think the jist of it was the guy who makes them would reply to my e-mail personally as soon as he gets time.

You could put the e-mail through Babelfish for a translation.


hehehehe i did that this morning actually … comes out making even less sense than my poor translation skills managed

have to go to a motorbike dealer and ask fot the
yoshi exhaust.
Let me know if u find something.

I got the same reply twice…

Any news on your Larini exhaust Ian?

Currently looking at having it fitted Sat 10th July.

I understand Larini are really trying to meet this date as they don’t want to mess Moto-build about; a potentially good supplier for them.

If the guy with the first one doesn’t come back (for them to tool up) then I may go to them (in Central London) and get mine fitted, as this would also sort out the tooling up issue too.