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I want to get the dealer to fit some better pads to my new Exige before I pick it up in 2 weeks. What’s the best option for road and track ?I have found references to Pagids on the site but not sure what to ask for.Thanks

Pagids are per Lotus Motorsport, & cost around �130 a set of fronts. (A search on this bbs should produce the part numbers) RussT & myself use Mintex 1144 (race)which cost circa �75 a set. No fade on trackdays, & they certainly improve the braking power when driving around town - even when cold. Pit Lane Garage 0161 486 9966 fitted ours.

Ive bent my disks againCrap driving, I know !Any advice on disk and calliper upgrades would be nice and I don’t mind upgrading the uprights at the same time.Russ what were yours again ?Cheers

quote:Ive bent my disks againBl**dy hooligan! [image][/image] [image][/image]

Geary @ Eliseparts (I think) does a set of nice disks + bells… seem the dogs to look at too.

BranGeary is the man for the belled discs - not cheap initially, but when you come to change them, it is only the outer at circa �50.00 - as a bonus, they perform well and seem to be able to take a lot of abuse (not that I would do such a thing, mind…) [image][/image] [This message has been edited by RussT (edited 12 May 2002).]

Cheers Russ/Steve/DavidThats 3 votes for the same goodiesBran

Question for you allWhen using ECB Disks in the past they make a specific point of telling you to install the disks with the slit facing backwards and indeed it is in the instructions, yet some of our cars have them facing forwards.Some say it just doesn’t matter but others say it does. [image][/image]These are brakes and it worries the hell out of me getting different advice. [image][/image]Any experts out there?Bran

Bran,I’m not an expert on brakes but my basic engineering skills tell me that they should face backwards so that any dust, water or other foreign objects are thrown to the outside by rotation of the disc. If they face forwards any ‘crap’ will be thrown into the centre of the disc by rotation which I’m sure is not good.HTHMike

Bran,The gooves on my discs face backwards, HTH

Feel a little better now as backwards was my gut instinct too.Right off to put them on!See you Tuesday @ Oulton [image][/image]CheersBran

quote:Originally posted by X50CET:better pads … What’s the best option for road and track ?ThanksMy experience with EBC Greens and Pagids puts Pagids in front, I very breifly drove one car on the Mintex pad and compared to the standard pads these were a massive improvement. I cant realy say how the Mintex rated to the EBC’s or Pagids (although I have heard they will outlast both), and I might well give the Mintex pads a try next.I found the standard pads scary when the car was new, so I would recomend an early upgrade. If you follow the running in regime then it is very difficult to get any heat into the pads, and based on Peskys comments on good perfromance when cold, I would say the Mintex might be your best bet.

Much has been said in the last few days on mixing tyres (front/back), what about pads?Ta, Ian

IanInteresting one that!When my fronts were replaced with Mintex 1144s, the original rears had plenty of life in them. I was advised by Rocco, that as the fronts did almost all the braking, it was not necessary to also change the rears at that time. I have not found any problems with the above set up, even under heavy braking on the circuit - smooth & balanced. However, I can only speak of my own experience - bearing in mind that some of you guys will be later & heavier on the brakes than me! As it happens, I am having a new set of Mintex 1144s fitted all round tomorrow, after which they will be used in anger at Oulton Park next Tuesday. This may, or may not, help!!!

I would think that the worst combination would be to have too much rear retardation, so Pesky’s setup would be ok.

try ferrodo ds3000 available demon tweeks for arround �60 for front. I’m racing with them and found them really good

Ian, Pesky and Russ are right, it’s reasonably OK to just increase the braking at the front because the consequences of locking the fronts are relatively easy to deal with, but you must not just increase the braking at the back, as this will produce a tendency for the car to spin under heavy braking. I could go into the details of why racing cars often have brake bias controls, but I wouldn’t want to bore you to death! [image][/image]

Just to add my 2p worth…I have fitted Mintex 1144 at the front and 1155 at the rear. It was recomended to me by B&C they run their Motorsport racers with this setup. I did not just take their word for it, I also asked a mechanic who races 7’s and he said it was a good combination. The set up works very well for me both on the road and the two track days I have done.

Just got home from having the “standard” brake upgrade (Pagids/SRF/Braided Hoses)done - even before the pads are bedded in what a difference - still expect you guys all know that already [image][/image]Only one problem, on the way home developed a clicking/knocking noise from the front wheels (offside I think) - a function of rotation but stops when brakes applied.Took wheels off when I got home and there seemed no apparent problem - didn’t hear anything on spinning the wheelsIs this a normal bedding in occurence or a problem with the new pads ?David

David, sounds similar to this:-