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Hi David, Russ could be on the money, but I’m almost certain that what you’re experiencing is the pad rattle caused by the absence of the backing pads. This is normal and usually goes away; it certainly doesn�t do any harm other than being slightly irritating! To confirm this is the problem, next time it does it, keep your right foot on the throttle to keep a steady speed and very gently left foot brake. If the noise stops the instant you breath on the brake pedal it’s being caused by the absence of the backing pads. However, although the backing pads do stop the rattle they introduce a very slight sponginess to the brakes, as the pad is a piece of foam; they are therefore compressible. Almost everyone goes for the slightly improved feel and the occasional rattle, but it�s up to you! Hope this helps… [image][/image]

Russ/TonyThank for your replies (Russ couldn’t you sleep [image][/image]From what you describe Tony, it appears just that, inasmuch that the noise disappears the minute you put any kind of pressure on the brakes, it also fits with the S2 problem as this appears to be a symptom of looser fit pads albeit for a slightly different reason.My mind has been put at rest - I can get on and enjoy the pleasure of a decent set of brakesThanks once againRegards - David

My local Lotus garage informed me when I asked them to check the car over following the “off-roading” incident, that 2 anti-roll bar blocks were required (worn, not as a result of incident - everything else OK too). I hadn’t mentioned them to that the brakes have been upgraded to Pagids (with no backing pads) and wonder whether they may have mistaken the loose rattle from this as worn anti-roll bar blocks. Thoughts anyone?

quote:Thoughts anyone?Hi Ally, I don’t think worn anti-roll bar blocks would cause a rattle, but I could be wrong.

Cheers Tony - I wouldn’t trust the garage to hear something different, like the “Pagid rattle” (which is fine BTW) and incorrectly diagnose it as some sort of fault, somewhere.I wish I had faith in the garage but having given me incorrect info before, well… This coupled with no-one mentioning the blocks wearing out before caused me some doubt.

Anti roll bar blocks wearing out is a well known Elise problem - I am on my 3rd set on the Elise.Symptoms are a kind of graunching noise over bumps, most noticeable when driving very slowly (car park kind of speed)They can be taken out, machined down and put back in again, with no ill effects (although obviously not indefinitely)You should ensure that when they are put back in they are well lubricated…Cheers