BACON's honda elise/exige

I’ve got a build going on seloc but thought I’d get one going here just to show what’s been done.

The elise as I brought it march 2012

Bit of a blat at blyton

Always knew that I wanted exige bodywork so started collecting bits. I also knew that I wanted to get as much genuine lotus parts as I could.

Brand new rear clam

Lense covers


Wheel arch liners

Engine cover and hinge

Roof, splitter and another door (drivers side mirror had been clipped and weakened the fibreglass on the door on the car)

Other bits and bobs

And all painted and on the car

Also popped a tillet b6 in

very cool

Went and picked these up last night. Quantum single way adjustable coilovers. Got to be better than the gaz items on the car

Looking good!!

Very good, looks the business.

Thanks:) As I’d said in the introduction bit I have a carbon wing to put on, just getting some alloy uprights made. Then I’d like to give all suspension a good going over, possibly new wishbones definitely new bushes, anti roll bar. I’ll see what the quantum a are like and decide if I want them rebuilt with different springs or not.

So there’s plenty I need to crack on with. I also need an oil cooler and filter relocation kit. Sheesh the list never ends!!

It actually looks good without the rear spoiler on at all. (runs for cover)

Yes, it’s only taken me 2yrs to get mine done, well almost…

Quantums fitted. New clutch trunion and bushes fitted and rear wing fitted.

Not entirely convinced, it looks a bit extreme. Even more so in the flesh.

That rear wing looks great :smiley:

I like a good wing on a S1

Yep wing looks mega :sunglasses:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Since fitting the Quantums and lowering the ride height it seems the geometry is out. so next on the to do list is get some bump steer reducing steering arms, and get a track/race geo done.

Looks good to me!

Fitting a Motorsport wing onto mine was one of the best upgrades I have done. It made a huge difference that you notice right away. Feels a lot more planted. Looks good.

Cue JFK talking utter bollox about you posting utter bollox :laughing:

Sorry, what have I missed ? Are there two ‘harsh but fair’ threads running?

Well I didn’t get the steering arms for the time being. Had es motorsport sort out the geo, I was very impressed with the results.

Managed to get a trackday at snetterton before Christmas. It was very slippery!

Should have played around with the suspension settings to get the most out of them but I had missed half the day waiting for new tyres…

Looking good :thumbup:

Yes looking good. Watching that made me think we must try and get to Snett this year. I’ve been to loads of race meetings there but never driven there. I’d imagine coram is proper ballsy in a quick car!

Watching the fly-past reminded me of this clip of Jamie’s TA car doing the same thig at the same place :sunglasses:

Think my fly by had a tad less gusto than Jamie’s car!