Awful Service from Lotus Dealership

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I�ve finally had enough of the Lotus dealership that I bought my car from.

Every single issue that has unfortunately required contact with the dealer has resulted in a mistake, no response or no action.

Below are just a few examples of the crapness Lotus buyers are expected to put up with:

Today I arrived at the dealers at 09:00 as arranged, for some minor warranty work to be done. And, to no great surprise, the parts had not arrived. So, a 70-mile round trip for nothing, again. This is the second time this has happened. Last time they had to take bits off second hand cars on the forecourt.

On one occasion, after hitting a hare, I required a new front splitter and number plate. They purchased and fitted a plate with the wrong registration number!! I noticed the next day and phoned them � only to be ignored. I had to phone back later that day to be informed that the guy I�d spoken to had done nothing about it, had not told anyone else, and had gone home. He wouldn�t be back for two days! As they had changed both front and back plate I was driving around with the wrong reg on my car. Imagine getting stopped by the police and trying to talk your way out of that one!

The vehicle was purchased in March 06. Two months ago I went to my local DVLA to get a personalised number plate put on the car, only to be informed that the car was not registered to me and was still registered with the dealer! The f***wits hadn�t even informed DVLA that I�d purchased it!

It took nearly three months to get the road fund license out of the dealer. Also two months after purchasing the car, because I couldn�t get any comprehensible information from the dealer, I checked with Tracker regarding lack of documentation for the service that, via the dealer, I�d subscribed to and paid for. Surprise, surprise my car wasn�t registered with Tracker! This, as I�m sure you will be aware, impacts my insurance. So, thanks to the dealer, for the first two months of ownership, I was driving around in a car that was not registered to me, had no road tax and technically had no insurance, and for a couple of days had the wrong registration plate!!!

I�m still waiting for the radio/cd player manual and only received a service book and user manuals after weeks of asking. Additionally, despite asking both verbally and via email, I still don�t know when my warranty expires.

Incompetence would be an improvement. In fact, only the mechanic seems to have an idea of customer service, and he�s not supposed to be customer facing! Unfortunately, a helpful mechanic is little recompense, as I normally get the car serviced at Plans, because its cheaper, they know what they’re doing and are well organised

The car cost me over �45k, yet I recive better service from the Renault dealer that I bought my daughters �7k Clio from.

Does anyone know who within Lotus is responsible for dealer performance, as I�d like to share with him (or her) the FULL woeful list of cock-ups by the dealer since I purchased the car 10 months ago?

If this level of service is indicative of their dealers then I for one will not be buying another Lotus.

\rant over

  1. Name the dealer

  2. Have you spoke to the dealer principle?

  3. Does the dealer have a parent company?

  4. Breach of contract with infered terms?

yes which dealer is this ?

My only comment would be are you really surprised? A good main dealer, a good estate agent, a good…

I know where you mean. I drove past the dealer at 9am and stopped to look at my car. Yours was parked next to mine. Mines been there since the start of november.

Speak to Neil Turner at Hethel. I rang him last week and now things are moving again…

Since November!! What’s wrong with it?

Did I park next to a titanium Exige S?

mines a 54 reg extreme graphite car but I think you are close enough. It screwed its cams in october, I rang “them” and they said bring it in two weeks. That was the beginning of nov, they rand me a week later to ask why they had my car, then they said they had no record of it being booked in and couldn’t look at it for another week or so. Then they said there was nothing wrong with it so I emailed them a picture of the wrecked cam lobes, they called back to say they’d found the problem and were waiting for lotus to approve the repair (this was early dec). Then around the 10th they called to say their only (?!) technician was off work long term sick. They then shipped the car off to the paint shop to get my rear clam fixed.

Early in the new year I started to leave messages with the service manager saying why dont you pop over to the paint shop and swap the cams while the clam is off etc. Three un-returned messages later the paint shop have taken it back to the and they called to say that they had the car back and were now orderring the parts (WTF?!). The current bullshit story is that they’re going to replace the cams some time next week.

There wasn’t much point putting a tax disk on it in Nov???

Oh yeah, my gear linkage is borrowed off the blue S demo they had on the forecourt last summer…

Bloody hell Bob. Makes my complaints look picky

Yeah, stop being picky!

I’m hoping that “they” have completely forgotten that I asked for a 2yr service (now 4months late )while they had it.

I’ll be going to Gugliami from now on

Just to lighten things a bit with a tale of MMC (Edinburgh) parts servicing from a few months ago …

I needed the little rubber U-shaped strips that go on the leading edge of the rear clam for the exige. I had been told they were given out as a free ‘recall’ type upgrade to stop gravel/stones destroying the edge. I phoned the factory to confirm and was told that indeed they were supplied free, that my car had not been fitted with them, and to contact MMC to have them sent to me.

Me: Hi, I would like to be sent the free rubber edge strip for my s1 exige.
Them: No problem, that will be 12 quid
Me: err, but they are free
Them: Indeed they are, to you, However the factory charge US for them so the system doesnt allow us to order them without payment.
Me: Thats daft. Do I get a refund after I pay?
Them: No.
Me: So the cost of my free item is 12 quid? Umm… how much would it be if it wasn’t free?
Them: 12 pounds plus P&P
Me: That sounds more daft, you have obviously made a mistake. Could you please re-check this and order me the part and send it to me. If there really is an issue could you get the Parts Dept manager to call me.
Them: certainly sir
One Week Later: No part, No phonecall
Me: (goes through above conversation again) did you order the free part.
Them: No
Me: Why not?
Them: You had not paid for it
Me: Why did no one phone me? Why have I been waiting 1 week for a part which you have not bothered to order?
Them: The Parts Manager said he could not be bothered phoning you because there was no point.
Me: @@#@&*##$$%@!!!


Sounds like the same customer service training as Stratsones MK!

Also, was the rubber strip for S1, S2 or both? My rear clam has already got a couple of dings in it and I’m suprised the edge isn’t protected.

If the S2 is supposed to have it I’ll call Stratstones to see how much they charge for a free item!

I think I know which particular service manager you are on about, he’s also impossible to speak to because the dealership has got disillusions of grandeur, the mechanic is actually very helpful.

Thats the shame of it all, the machanic is a really nice honest bloke. Perhaps in future I’ll book everything through him?

Black240 who is the dealer - this post is worthless unless we can heed your warning! PM me if you prefer.

Stratsones MK to answer my on question !!! (just re-read!!)


Not surprised at all, i was looking at purchasing an Elise last year from the Lotus MK dealership.
I went onto the MLOC site and asked if anyone had any info on the car/dealership, all of a sudden the salesman stops returning my emails/telephone calls. Enough said i’m now in the process of buying a 190 (K series) Elise from Strattons near Norwich and everything is going smoothly. Two offical dealers two very different ways of dealing with us punters who pay their wages!

Sales guys seemed helpful to me, I just think the service manager is shite

Well, thats another week gone, another promise broken. Its been 3 months now, that official.

Utter bollox

Bob, why don’t you write a nice long well constructed letter to the factory. In my past experience, they’ll listen & do something positive.

Address it to Heathcliff Robertshaw. I’m sure he’ll help you if you stay calm, positive & enthusiastic about the marque in your well chosen words.

It’s worked for me in the past. Lotus really don’t need all this bad publicity & they do value customers who care. Give it a go.



The factory got involved two weeks ago…