Audi S1 Exige : 350bhp : 1 Owner from new ** SOLD **

Have just put this one up on collecting cars :slight_smile:

07770 876552

Phwoar black S1 is my favourite thing of the day

Yep, definitely a lovely thing!

Nice…… :thumbup:

Is that Mike Lane’s car?

Yes, that’s the one!

That’s a great car that. I went on my first ever trackday at Llandow in 2003 and Mike was there in that car.

I have a beautiful photo of it on track somewhere. Fab car. Great buy for the next owner.

On the home gang, whatever happened to Uldis’ car?

Great car, recall Russ pedalling this around Donington back in the day. Blisteringly rapid. :grin:

The Audi install does look a bit scruffy sadly, might well drive down the final value.

<looks under sofa for the odd £30k spare>

Well, if he finds it not reaching reserve, I’d be happy to do a swap, lol :wink: It looks lovely! :slight_smile:

I raise a swap plus a quid :thumbup:

I suppose I could throw in an old stamp collection too?

I didn’t follow the auction, how did it finish?

Very interested too… although I suspect I couldn’t afford it… :confused:

£33,888.00 was the closing bid.

Was almost tempted, but I think the reserve would be rather more, looking at the PH advert

Ok so about £36k with the fees. Hopefully it finds a new owner soon.

It does now seem engine change Exige S1 cars have dropped in value compared to cars still with the VHPD

It’s up for sale for only a couple of K more than it achieved (with fees) on CC, hopefully it’ll find a good home soon.

Re original v VHPD it’s difficult isn’t it. Clearly some of the modified cars have been developed at huge cost into in effect better cars than the original, but they don’t demand the price always.

That said I think it comes down to the quality of the conversion and end product. In some cases given many were built up back when Exige’s didn’t have the values of right now, they were just focused on the mechanicals for the track experience. The aesthetic/quality of paint/finish wasn’t a priority and that does impact values now.

Benja’s car comes to mind as one where it’s converted but the standard is impeccable and I’m sure it’d be up there at the top end of any S1 Exige value wise. I don’t know the chaps name but the Red Exige with the covered headlights being another.

I do think any car where you want top £ it’s got to be 100% in all directions.

Slightly off topic but I’m looking for a 340r currently and one ultra spec car, with tiny miles, perfect condition sold for >£50k. Now nearly every 340r is priced at that figure, regardless of condition, Miles etc. There is a CAT recorded car on autotrader at that price. I just think expectations get a bit jaded.

Though it’s likely I’m probably jaded as I’m a buyer (for a 340r) right now not a seller which impacts my view ! :weary:

On CC there was a 340r (Honda powered) for sale in France, still appeared to be UK registered, I was not able to bid as I could not guarantee collection within 7 days due to covid transportation issues.
To say I was gutted was an understatement it went for less than I was prepared to bid :frowning: