AP Brakes - Fronts

OK - as some of you know I made up my own bells and fitted AP discs all round. The opinion expressed are mine only having spoken to many people about this subject, however
I have been asked a few times about this - so to share it with you all - here goes …

I also used grooved discs no holes because thats my preference, the bells are rigid but allow cooling to be applied in the correct way if needed.

Fronts ( rears on next thread )

I used 295 discs with a bell designed around the motorsport one ( thanks SeanB ).

This mod is quite simple and more important proven - you just need some spacers for the calipers to move them out radially - I would also recommend using approriatly longer bolts.

The advantage of this setup is you can move to a 4 pot setup and not have to re-invest in changing discs etc.

The AP discs I used were CP3580-2894/5 - these have maximum cooling efficiency but will not last as long as the alternative CP3124-894/5 as the face is thinner.

The real good news is there are two other alternatives with the exact same dimensions:

The AP5000 series CP5000-510/11 and the Alcon DV295/25/53-12/178l/r.
Its my “opinion” that the 5000 series are made from cheaper steel and designed more for “fast road” rather than racing -the Alcon discs are seen as a direct replacement for the CP3000 AP.


Where the idea came from


My version ( I will update the crap picture when I can )





The drawing for the front bell


That�s a fantastic post Andy. Actually, at the moment I am looking for front brakes so the info you posted is important.
I am using the original Motorsport Lotus discs (295mm) to the rear with the 2-piston AP calipers (originally front�s).
Before I decide about the front discs, I think I will first have to find the proper 4 piston calipers for the front. As far as you know, which are the available options?

Is this the same setup for the S2?

Came back looking for the rotor spec.s - don’t see how I missed the front bells earlier.
Back in a minute with the 3d!

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My personal choice is to keep the standard setup - so I have not looked at the 4 piston options.

However I think the issue is balance so you need to match everything carefully - hence why the Motorsport uses a different master cylinder etc etc

Just took delivery of the Alcon 295 Discs





They look identical to the AP version except 2 more grooves …


AP Version

And just for a feel here is the AP compared to an “alloy belled version” - think you can spot the difference … and hence the price …


Oh boy, they look the nuts!

Ok, thanks Andy

andy - those are only temporary mounting bolts on the bells?

Steve - that was my prototype bell - a few things needed change but I wanted to test with the real discs - but Yes I used the correct AP bolts and nuts on the real thing … which are one time use btw

Andy - very impressed with what you have done, thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

brilliant info Andy… cheers

BTW… did you have your wishbones powdercoated ? I take it you bought new ones… and Hubs ? 'cause they look much better than my cadmium plated rusty old things

Good job Andy!

I have a couple of questions:
Alcon distributor?..prices?


Wishbones were glass bead blasted at work and then just smooth hammerite - I did think about powder coating but to be honest:

  • I didnt have the time
  • I have never had a happy time with powder coat ( have done many mini subframes and seen it all flake off ) with stuff still rusting underneath so …
  • I dont like the fact you cant see whats really happening to the tube underneath


Alcon stuff avialble from

Trident Racing Supplies
Silverstone Circuit

T +44 (0)1327 857822

F +44 (0)1327 858096

EARS Motorsport

T +44 (0)1625 433773

F +44 (0)1625 433614

Harry Hockly Motorsport
Dyffryn Industrial Estate

T +44 (0)1686 628594

F +44 (0)1686 629238

Or try direct

Alcon Components Ltd
B79 7TN

T +44 (0)1827 723700

F +44 (0)1827 723701

However my experience was the prices were all the same and Demon Theives had the right ones on stock …

Prices - Front 295 168 Plus vat each - Yup thats 406 quid for a pair

BTW - that disk is the exact same as the AP version with a 14mm air gap - I mean exact the same except for 6 grooves not 4 … I took this one because our cars are light and cooling was my nos 1 driver

I am thinking seriously going for the same setup like you Andy, and just had a quote for the bells at �152.00 for the full set, which isn�t too bad I suppose.
It might get even lower if more people (than me) are interested as it will reduce the total cost of the anodising process.

Thats a good price George best I can get is 65 plus vat each - although someone quoted 65 a pair … now realises his mistake …

Is that from HE15 or HE30 and hard anodised ??

I am just about to place order for two sets so …

BTW the drawings have been updated as there were a couple of too tight fits

Yes, its HE15 or HE30 and hard anodised. But, if you are interested, let me know so I can ask these details tomorrow morning for sure.
The only problem we might have is that the guy who makes the CNC programming is leaving tomorrow evening for holidays for two weeks. Thing that means that if you are in rush and want them, i will have to order them tomorrow first thing in the morning. After tomorrow, we�ll have to wait until he returns.

Sorry George - just saw the post

I think we have a couple of weeks if they can be made in 10 days after order.

Let me know - thanks

They usually are very fast. I guess we can have then in less then 10 days, but I will have to confirm this when that guy returns.

interesting reading. here are a few questions.

is there a posted copy of the revised drawings available?

Does anyone run these on the road?

what nuts and bolts are used, presumably shanked bolts with k-nuts(due to heat)?

and are the caliper spacers to be used front and rear?


the possibility for a blingy anodised finish is too strong…