Anyone using the Eliseparts exhaust?

Before I take the plunge - is anyone using this backbox? I have searched the archives but seem to be going round in circles a bit with regard to which exhaust to get.

Gearys seems to come out quite favourably with the Elise owners but the pipes look quite close together, Geary said that they can make it with longer pipes that will fit the Exige clam but will it look to small?

Any other suggestions before I get the plastic out - not to bothered how loud it is - really after lightweight / performence gains.

I have the EliseParts exhaust with the silenced CAT replacement pipe. The good things are that it is repackable, light, definately adds power, very well made and loud. The bad things are that the end pipes stick out of the back of the car which looks a bit silly (I assume the Elise version doesn’t have this prob) and that it can be a bit too loud for long journeys.

I had this box on my Exige but I had geary send the twin pipes and they fitted fine
This box sounded fantastic but the noise level was too high for most tracks and I fitted the silenced cat replacement pipe but this dulled the sound somewhat but it also took a chunk of power as well

Mine has twin pipes too but they are definately too long. Was it the Elise version that you had?

I am not sure I told Geary I didnt Like the oval pipe so he said he could do the correct size for the Exige
these looked exactly like the original from the rear of the car
He knew it was for the Exige

When I said it took a chunk of power I meant the silenced cat rep pipe the Exhaust I think gave me a good power increase but it backfired quite a bit but I pesonally loved it

I didn’t think Elise Parts made their exhaust with an oval pipe . Certainly aren’t any pics on the website. Maybe yours is a different design to the one I have, does it have a small round can with removable end piece for repacking?

yes its quite small unit I Will have a look on Eliseparts and check

Its the first pipe on the exhaust section its shows the twin pipes but when I Bought mine there where 2 options 1 for the Elise and 1 for the Exige
I thought this was a nice box but just a bit noisy

Geary did do the oval one at the beginning but it was dropped for being too loud…


I can believe that was pretty loud, it looks like one big trumpet and the twin pipes are loud enough already. Looks good though which reminds me, I must takes the pipes off mine soon to shorten them… anyone got any good ways of finishing the pipes after I have hacksawed a couple of inches off?

Cut them off at the Y end and mig weld them back on, then you can keep the rolled tips

Cool - cheers guys - think I am going to order one - Geary said they dropped the oval design because it basically acted like a megaphone in favour of the twin pipes…

Cut them off at the Y end and mig weld them back on, then you can keep the rolled tips

Good plan. Now all I need to do is make friends with someone who can Mig weld…

I had an elise parts exhaust for mine, I have written a few posts before, basically I have always said that it performs and sounds fantastic, but looks a bit naff with two pea shooters sticking out the back by 50mm (ask SimonE his opinion) I too thought about cutting them down and re-welding them, nice idea but impossible to weld the pipes all the way round because they are too close together. I ended up completely modifying mine and putting a 6" x 4" oval on, looks much better with no increase on the noise front.

Have you got any pics??

ah ha - you need a pure Agron gas to weld it and i know a man who can

I will take some later and hopefully post em tomorrow, ignore the laser etched Magnex logo, my mate used to work for them and he had a couple of spare ovals in his garage. The only downside to this is you can see the 2 pipes inside the oval, got to paint the inside black to ‘hide’ them, well if its good enuff for Aston Martin its good enuff for me

Yep, cus its stainless you need to TIG weld not MIG weld

I’m going for the Larini one, as it’s lighter than the std Exige one, adds a little pwoer, doesn’t need re-packing and the noise level should allow me on virtually all track days.