Anyone know this Exige?

Y reg S1 Exige in Norfolk Mustard with black/red alcantara interior, at Nick Whales?


That’ll be mine.

OK, it’s not actually mine any more, but I’m still emotionally attached to it.
If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask.

Oh, cool. Well everything that was mentioned on my earlier thread of “What do I need to look for when buying an S1 Exige”.

Recall work done, any running problems, 5500 flutter, starting problems…etc You know the general low down of whether it’s worth parting with hard earned for.


Well, it’s had all the recall work done. It only ever once had the 5,500rpm revs problem, and that was very early on, before the ECU remap.
It had an engine rebuild at about 1000 miles due to overheating, and then another rebuild around the beginning of this year, including a full balancing of the bottom end at Vibration Free. The engine has run perfectly since then, apart from when the coil pack had to be replaced a couple of weeks ago.
It has loads of upgrades:

190 kit, supersports exhaust, cat pipe, carbon airbox, upgraded plug leads, S2 cam cover to keep water out of the plug wells, breather kit + catch tank (you’ll have to remember to empty this regularly), motorsport intake trunking attached to the air vent on the side, pagid RS14s, braided brake hoses, castrol SRF, UCR gearbox, upgraded clutch, A048s, motorsport engine cover, remote stat, clutch slave cylinder support bracket, stiffer, adjustable engine mount plus strengthened bracket, better than standard battery to help with cold starting, some ally tat (some of which I made with my own hands), short-shifter, Eliseparts gear linkage, various carbon trim bits, etc etc…

It’s only ever done two track days because I just never had the time/money for it.

The car was mine from new for 4 1/2 years, and I loved it, I put loads of time and money into modifying it. Initially focussing on performance, and more recently aiming to maximise reliability, and making it a bit easier to live with (keeping it cooler in the cabin, and fixing some rattles).

I’ve sorted all the little niggles, as far as I know there’s nothing wrong with the car and it should look after you pretty well.

Brendan - sorry to see you have parted with it - maybe I have missed a post somewhere as to why but best of luck

Cheers Steve

You missed the news that I gone over to the dark (or should that be soft?) side. I’ve bought an Elise coupe

Thanks Brendan. Just been reading your posts about the car. Certainly done a lot to it, but surely that lost sponge is added weight
If I can get a deal at NW (hopefully testing this week) then I’ll be back with loads more questions if I may.



I’ve seen Brendan’s car many times - it was always immaculate, with various tasty mods. However, as I presume you’ve already seen the car, you knew that already

No problem. Consider the extra sponge a free gift from me. It’s brand new and unused

Not seen the car yet. Waiting a call from NW as they say they hope to get it this week. Have you not handed it over yet then Brendan?
No pics on their site either, just a description.

They’ve had the car for a couple of weeks, but it’s been away at the body shop for a front end respray. It was pretty badly stone chipped.

BTW, the rear clam has been repaired a couple of times due to minor bumps. (Never whilst I was driving, I hasten to add). The car’s never been involved in any kind of serious impact, but I thought I should tell you in case you can tell it’s been resprayed.

whats the 5500rpm problem? a chap i know runs an alpha 75 race car thing and he asked me if mine is played with as it sounds a bit grumpy he said something about emerald which i think you chaps talk about is it worth doing?

What sort of accident/repair?

and why the **** does that ebay thing keep appearing next to my posts?

Was in the workshop yesterday … and so was a wheel refurbishing van …looks like they really want to make it pretty for you Steve

But Pesky is right - always looked perfect and Brendan is quite fussy - in the right way …

and why the **** does that ebay thing keep appearing next to my posts?

Its not now

Fine, so long as the price doesn’t go up

Cheers Steve

You missed the news that I gone over to the dark (or should that be soft?) side. I’ve bought an Elise coupe

Glad to see you have not lost it completely then

Well, I had to stick with some kind of Exige. I’d miss this site too much

Andy, I’d be surprised if the wheel refurubishing van was for my car. I’m not one for kerbing my wheels. There was only the tiniest of little scratches on one of the wheels from when the tyres were being changed.

SteveJ, there have been a few minor repairs;

The front clam was once cracked by a very fast oncoming rabbit

The rear clam took a bump from a TVR when the car was parked in the paddock at Mallory. Silly TVR driver thought his handbrake would hold the car on a slope after a session on the track. It didn’t.

The rear was then bumped again while it was at Nick Whale’s for a service. One of the sales guys did a poor job of manouvering an Elise around my car in the workshop

All pretty minor, low speed impacts. It’s a good thing fibreglass is relatively easy to repair.

Must be something with Mallory! My car got a bump up the arse there… By a swift no less